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Dairy issues along with gluten


i have no clue whats going on.. so i was having stomach issues and dahreea and my doctor told me to do a food diary. according to my food diary dairy was the issue so she told me to cut out dairy and if eat it use lactaid. well the lactaid did not work but i after eating cheese on a sandwich. however i did not get diarrhea that day like i normaly do just a masive stomach ache but the next day i had diarrhea. iv been to the gi doctor and the lactose test was negative if thats the case why cant my body handle dairy. by cutting out the dairy it has helped alot. i guess i can say im just frustrated since there isnt much to eat since i cant have gluten either. i was wondering if others experienced this?

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I must admit that I have noticed a reaction to some dairy but not all. I can tolerate butter but had a yoghurt the other day for the first time in over a year and had a bad stomach etc, so I am going to refrain!! I always use rice or coconut milk as a replacement for dairy - as I say, butter is my only vice and I suffer no effect from that (apart from putting on weight 'cos it makes GF bread more tolerable so I use loads!!).


Yes I'm in the same boat. Stopped dairy a month ago and I've lost a ston so that at least is a benefit! Now being really good about glutton. I guess it's loads of fresh fruit and veg for us!

Almond milk is really good.

Alpro yogurts aren't dairy and taste great.

There are some gluten free biscuits etc which are ok.

After always eating what I wanted it is very frustrating. So I fully commiserate with you!

Get some paleo cook books.


I have trouble with dairy and gluten and histamines and salicylates and sulphites and colourings and preservatives!! It does leave little to eat but it may be that low thyroid and low B12 and low D have contributed to the increase in sensitivity and I'm hopeful as those are getting a bit better that I can reintroduce but I will leave dairy and gluten out (my asthma improved significantly when I cut out the last dairy I was eating (like you butter as it tastes so good)) and I have had a positive test for coeliac so gluten will stay out too!!

If you leave out dairy for a week and then test it you will usually quickly know if you have a problem see fedup.com.au/information/su... for some information on how to do this. It may be that goats milk is ok for you so this is worth a try. It depends on whether you have trouble with the protein part of the milk (in which case goats may be ok) the lactose (less likely due to the lactaid not working) or the casein part in which case it may be that even the butter is a problem. There are lots of gluten and casein free suggestions via autistic websites as many families with autism find that these are the key foods which are problematic.

I find that I can make cakes with eggs and sunflower oil and rice flour and GF baking powder and sugar which have a fairly good texture and help a lot. I can also make frosting from sugar and egg white which helps for "special" food. Also ice-cream with egg yolk and rice flour custard and a little sugar, it tends to be quite hard and needs softening before eating but helps with cravings for "creamy" things. You can also make ice-cream with bananas but due to my histamine problems bananas are not yet on my OK list!

Experiment a little! I don't buy any of the commercial gluten free baked goods (I do buy GF oats) as I can't manage maize but I find cooking from scratch is not really that hard and I know exactly what I'm eating.

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Hi, so I'm not going mad, I am convinced I react to whatever it is they put in preserved meats and chinese food!

Agree about the autism link, just got the book 'Gut and Psychology Syndrome' which has a good dietary protocol.

Talks about butter and ghee and has lots of recipes for helping to heal the gut in it but it is not as restrictive as the AIP diet which, along with gluten, excludes deadly nightshades, nuts, seeds, legumes and all dairy.

The author has some interesting thoughts, based on science, about some of the AIP restrictions which are worth a read if you're trying to get to grips with bowel issues.

Sorry to hear you are having difficulties like so many of us with stomach problems and diarrhoea. I went to see a herbalist some years ago who told me I was intolerate to diary but I could eat butter, I don't know how this works but that's what she said so it seems perhaps she was right if you can tolerate butter but not yogurt etc. I am now experiencing stomach problems and have decided to go gluten free for a while to see if it helps. My daughter is intolerate to wheat and she is gluten free now and she said it took her about a month before she saw any difference but is much better now. If she eats anything with wheat in it she has awful tummy upsets. I am going to go gluten free for the next 6-8 weeks and see if things improve. It is very restricting and also expensive when you have to buy special gluten free bread etc.but it's worth it if it works. Good luck.

Look up leaky gut you will see that the casein in the dairy can cause problems without being allergic to milk products etc.

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When I first looked into coeliac, I read that there is often a problem also with digesting dairy, due to the casein as sulamaye notes, and that often you can overcome the problem with dairy by avoiding it and gluten long enough to heal your gut enough to be able once again consume dairy. So dairy avoidance might not have to be a forever thing. Good luck!

Hi, I completely empathise but hope to encourage you :-)

I have been following an AIP protocol (Mickey Trescott) for about 6 weeks, really sticking to it faithfully after a few weeks of falling off the wagon occasionally and organic cows milk in my hot drinks. which I have never been able to give up :-0 I am also taking a lot of supplements designed to deal with any Microbiome issues (Raphael Kellmann) and support my thyroid function ( Hashimotos issues). I spent a fortune but the most expensive ones, to deal with the gut, are mostly temporary.

Results so far, weight loss 3 pounds initially ( :-( ) and now stuck; a chronic issue, fluid retention, almost completely gone; energy up ++ almost thought I was hyper but pulse in the low 60's as always. This energy is mental, as well as physical. I am feeling more positive which manifests itself as actually thinking ahead and planning to do things which I have been putting off for a long time, feet and fingers tapping. On 2 occasions my energy has completely slumped after eating a meal but otherwise I am finding I have enough energy to keep going all day, which i have not been able to do for quite a while.

I won't be sorted until my body starts naturally losing weight but just having the energy and enthusiasm to do a bit of cleaning, plan a shopping trip, plan for the future, is a huge reward for me. As many people will tell you, you just have to keep plugging away, trying new things and don't give up. Given the right conditions your body can sort itself out, just keep that in mind :-)

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Forgot to mention, I usually have chronic lose stools, explosive, depending on what I am eating. Stools still soft but not explosive anymore. Have had a stool sample taken for analysis via Genova and a private doctor to see if there is anything specific I need to address. If you want me to feedback to you whether that has been a useful exercise please PM me and I'll let you know. All the best, Sue_b

I have the same problems with dairy and it's not the lactose that's the problem it's the casein protein in it. Took a while to figure this out. So goat milk is ok because it doesn't have the casein, but I just gave up on dairy in general and found no solution. Most grains other than rice are also off limits. I have found no solution to these food sensitivities yet, but some have reported them going away once they have resolved all their anxiety issues.

The majority of the world's adult population can't digest lactose, as their bodies stop producing the enzyme to digest it.

If you are stuck for what to eat, perhaps have a look at recipes from other countries, like India. There are also several internet sites with gluten and dairy free recipes. Now is a good time to learn to cook from scratch, if you haven't done so before.

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