Hi all, just had my biopsy today, came back all clear???? my doctor assured me it was CD not Chrohns. i will have to wait for the biopsy result now to tell me somthing, but what. bye the bye, my biopsy was horrendous, two goes with the spary then sedated, much better. Odd thing to want to have CD, i can deal with it, not being sure again is hell. anyway starting me GF free life today and hope to lose my bloated tum, i look like im hiding a balloon up me jumper lol.

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  • Hi I was told mine was clear but when biopsy results came back I was told I did have coeliac. Good luck.

  • Thanks Sammie that is reassuring, i was a little worried what it might be if not CD. Thankyou.

  • Hi toeknee. I had an endoscopy on Monday. All normal except an apparently atrophic duodenum. Saw the specialist this morning and results were already there! From today I'M OFFICIALLY COELIAC! ...not that I'm so happy to be ill but I'd rather have CD than something else! Good luck!😉

  • Thanks Angelias, thats exactly the way i feel, good luck to you also.x

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