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l was diagnosed as Coeliac earlier this year after having an endoscopy test for another illness i have, later on i was sent for a blood test as it looked like i had signs of being coeliac. l couldn't believe it as i have never had any symtoms of it. The blood tests came back positive and i was really shocked, i think i then said that the tests must be wrong as i could eat anything and not feel ill at all. l ever knew you could be Coeliac and not be ill.

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  • "Mild cases of coeliac disease may not cause any noticeable symptoms, and the condition is often only detected during testing for another condition."

    Yet there is also non-coeliac gluten sensitivity which can't be tested for. As I said recently, I find it hard to believe there are two different illnesses.

  • The symptoms of being coeliac are very varied. Some people may have gastro-intestinal problems, others may experience fatigue, headaches or joint pain.

    You mention having an endoscopy for another illness, perhaps this is gluten related?

  • Im the same no symptoms I only asked to have my antibodies checked coz I was losing weight but getting more tired.But I do have hypothyroidism.

  • Hi. I have Coeliac Disease. I had symptoms, however I know a Coeliac that was asymptomatic (had no symptoms) too. He didn't know he was coeliac until he had bowel cancer. It's unusual, but it can happen. If you have any questions about the diet then let me know. X

  • Don't forget it's still really important to have a 100% gluten free diet. Even though you are asymptomatic gluten will cause damage to your gut and result in other health problems.

  • Hi KnitKnax,

    I am asymptomatic and follow a GF diet. When diagnosed I told the consultant "well as I don't get any symptoms I'll just carry on eating gluten." He said OK do that and you'll be increasing your chances of getting all sorts of other problems such as bowel cancer..... He carried on, but once I hear the dreaded C word I resolved to go GF immediately.

    Now 8 years later I am so much more informed about how humans have cocked up their diet over the past few decades and even back to medieval times. This results not only in me continuing a GF diet, but also I eat a far healthier and well balnced diet than previously.

    Embrace it and you won't be disappointed in the years to come.

    Best of luck


  • I was like you, carry on eating as normal but when he said that dreaded cancer word it changes everything. I will get there and thanks for your reply.

  • I was 34 when I was diagnosed, I did have symptoms for around 6 months before my diagnosis that made me go to the doctor in the first place, but for the other 33 years of my life I had none of the gastric symptoms everyone thinks off. What did surprise me is since I have been gluten free how much more energy I have. I was always very active but now I recover quicker so can do even more running and walking (I now live near the lakes so there are no shortage of hills to climb). It is well worth sticking to the diet.

  • I noticed you have RLS which is often caused by anaemia. Surprisingly anaemia is the most common cause of coeliac blood tests being requested. Could be your RLS totally resolves when you start absorbing iron when your gut heals on a gluten free diet.

    So if you're anaemic you're not exactly symptomatic.

  • I'm always shocked when someone bleats that 'their' problem is much worse than CD. How can you know when (as you say) you don't have coeliac disease symptoms? There are a lot of people on here would probably like to punch someone who says that. Personally I lost my profession, there is no room for coeliac disease and I couldn't keep the s**ts and weight loss under control before it was noticeable. I didn't have the diagnosis when I joined. I doubt you're at risk of losing your job because of RLS (unless you kicking someone??) What professions?:

    Although it might be that you have dysfunction in the basal ganglia (which, I've heard can also cause ADHD) it also might be something else causing the RLS - like prescription (or other) drugs, particularly pain killers and asthma medication; stimulants; caffeine; spicy food. A family member has PLMD - developed after surgery, an asthma diagnosis and asthma medication.

  • Sometimes you don't realize how ill you are because your body is under such constant attack that it can't tell you to stop. Once you stop eating gluten, you will likely start to feel much better, more energetic and clear-headed, and then if you get even a trace of gluten your body will react strongly. It doesn't mean that you are only now experiencing symptoms of CD, but that your body is finally able to send you the signal.

  • My dad has a good old Santa Claus body (large, hard/hollow belly), rosacea on his face, sleep apnea, etc. He was diagnosed coeliac as a child, but continues to eat a gluten-rich diet. He doesn't feel like he has any symptoms, but I bet all of the above would go away were he to permanently remove gluten from his diet.

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