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Question re serrapeptase substrate

Dear all,

I am trialling serapeptase for scar tissue and biofilm. However, I am a really severe coeliac and it is giving me stomach issues.

All the products claim to be gluten free, soy free, dairy free etc.

However, does anyone know what substrate serrapeptase is normally grown on? I am wondering if it's one of those where it is "free of" but actually "grown on" something problematic and may contain traces.

Thanks so much for any knowledge on this - it is proving very difficult to get hold of.

Many thanks, Carolyn

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Hi Carolyn, if you mean "stomach" then it won't be this, or at least not its active ingredient, as it's not absorbed in the stomach but in the intestines.

Also it's from bacteria found in silkworms, which will eat nothing but mulberry leaves.

What other excipients are listed in the package leaflet?


Hi DartmoorGuerrilla, Thanks so much for your reply. I have been investigating this with some gusto in the past 24 hours as it is definitely upsetting my stomach. It turns out that the brand I have been using uses wheat, dairy and soy as the substrate that the serrapeptase is grown on. It is no longer derived from silkworms but instead grown through fermentation in big vats on this substrate. So there we are - so frustrating....

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It's a pity the bacteria aren't as picky as their natural native hosts! What a shame.


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