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will any private hospital test for cd without a gp referral?



I have contacted a few private hospital about testing for coeliac disease . but the all say the same thing . you need to be referred to them by your gp

my problem is that in in January 2013 I was told I did not have coeliac disease after nhs blood tests came back normal.

however I noticed my symptoms improve when I go on a gluten free diet . so I requested my medical records . and was shocked to read this in capital records. from the 2013 allergy testing



gp wrote normal result do not contact patient.

but the gp never asked if I was on a gluten free diet. I was gluten free when I took the blood test .

I am not getting anywhere on the nhs. gp will not refer me and is being awkward about retesting . so I am thinking off going private.

can anybody recommend a private hospital to get tested where you don't need a gp referral ?

has anybody used blue horizon to have blood test?

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Hi there, this has come up on here before so please see:


There are 2 options here one with the Cyrex labs and the other by Dr Webberley. Both being members of GFG.

Also if you go to the top right hand side of the GFG home page where it says search health unlocked and type in ''gene test'' many posts will come up as coeliac tend to have one of these specific gene markers which are not conclusive to having CD but show that you are genetically predisposed towards it.

(HLA-DQ2. HLA-DQ8 with the latter being the rarer of the 2

I would also look into NCGS (non coeliac gluten sensitivity) as this might save you time effort and money in trying to get a diagnosis. We have many members who have this.

Here's a couple of links to previous posts on here about NCGS



Lastly many of us faced frustration at getting a diagnosis with the average being around 13 years from symptoms arising to diagnosis so we all know what it's like being fobbed off and my only advice is don't rush into private treatment costing you a fortune before eliminating other possibilities.

And good luck and let us know how you get on as this has come up before and will come up again.

flint1 in reply to Jerry

hi jerry thanks for the links and reply.

my symptoms have been going on for 10 years. and I've started to feel frustrated with it all. but after reading what your said about the average diagnoses time being around 13 years . I am now thinking maybe I should not rush into going private . I will defiantly look into ncgs

Hello. I can give you a place to have a private blood test. My daughter has just had a medical with Blue Crest Health care screening Tel 0800 652 2173. The cost was £198 for the full medical. Blue crest give you the options of having the blood test for coeliac disease. One gets all the results within 28 Days.

I have coeliac disease-which took quite a few years to diagnose. hope this information can help you. Good luck let us know how you get on.

flint1 in reply to Towels

hi towels. thanks I will look into blue crest health screening.

If you want referral and can afford it, you could see a private GP.

flint1 in reply to Mabes

Hi mabes thanks. I Will start enquiring into the cost of seeing a private gp

My Blood Test came back as not having detected Ig.e I beleive it is.....but a Biopsy in a private hospital, (Yes my Doctor did refer me, but was not keen) did show that I had Coeliac Disease, and that my colon, was very scarred by it all....I think you should, go back to your GP and insist that you are referred for Biopsy either NHS or Private, I did contact a private hospital, about another health matter, and explained to them that My NHS doctor would not refer me, as he deemed my condition, not to be of importance.....but...I never give in..and did get an appointment privately.....keep at it, it is your health and the doctor is not with you 24 hours a day, to see how you suffer...I have discovered, that when I have been to Docs about a problem a number of times, He has put on my records that I was suffering from Depression....

flint1 in reply to JennSp

hi jennsp thanks for the reply . I have managed to get into seeing a different nhs gp next Thursday. and think this time I need to be more assertive and ask to be referred for a biopsy .

after reading my medical records I can see that even when blood test came back abnormal contact patient . I was never informed. and like you I have now found out a gp has wrote on my medical record about patient being in a depressed mood ?

how can they put that when they don't even asked you if you feel depressed ?

JennSp in reply to flint1

Really pleased for you at this point, that you are now going in there, to get things moving and get, diagnosed....best thing that happened for me.....As you think all sorts of things are happening to you, when in fact Coeliac is all controlled by intake of food....I actually feel good about it all, and like to go out there, into cafe's and restaurants and educated them, in Gluten Free foods.....as we can eat all foods that are not processed with sauces etc.....I usually say to waitress I know what I can eat its just a matter of the Chef, being aware of cross contamination...and then say to waitress, well you yourself will also now, feel more confident, in helping other Gluten Free diners....all positive feedback, we all thrive on it....

.Go girl get yourself sorted, and will wait for some positive feedback from you Take Care Jenny

ps go in with some written notes and be, or look prepared for your apt.....my doctor is not at all bothered by my Foolscap sheets of notes.....just the fact I have written it all down...makes me remember more things to ask...Cheers

Just spending a bit of time reading these older messages Hope you are on the road to recovery Now and managed to get a Biopsy done....I did exactly the same years ago...I may have written this on here....after years of suffering I got a new GP in the practice One who seemed more interested in me AND ask to take home my notes to read...I agreed..he called me in the next day to do a Blood test for Coeliac...at least he got that far...but Yes you guessed came back Negative...even tho I had been eating Gluten...well I had been off all other foods except Biscuits and a cuppa other than that I ate Jacket Pots... I then decided I would rather know that it was Coeliac rather than something Naughty....so I asked at my local Private Hospital would they do a Biopsy for Coeliac for me...as I could not get tested at a NHS hospital Could not get referred.... They were appalled at this and I had one the next week....The Consultant was horrified at what he observed in my Biopsy saying I must have been in a lot of discomfort and pain !!! As I had an Ulcer Oh No! not what I wanted to hear, but this was just his first impression when looking down the camera for the Biopsy...5 days later he called me in to give me the Good New and the Even better news??? Which did I want first....just get it over with I said....and the Even better news was that it was nothing Naughty....and the Good news was I had Coeliacs Disease..I much prefer to Say Coeliac Condition as disease sounds like I have something I could pass on Like The POX...Needless to say I was delighted with the diagnosis AS I had hoped it was this and not the Naughty thing it could have been.. The consultant did apologise a lot, for making a quick diagnosis after the Biopsy but he had not seen it for years under his microscope..AND had not seen a Malnourished patient in the Western world for 30 years..!!! That was the one and only time I have seen a Gastroenterologist ...never ever been offered an apt at all with the NHS but as I've got other things wrong with me I don't dwell on that, Just hope that I don't get glutened while eating out... Take Care

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