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Last night went to the company Christmas party at a Restaurant who had arranged to do me a GF menu. I had smoked salmon to start with which I had picked because I thought they could not do much with it. When it arrived it was on something I didn't like the look of so I asked the waiter to check. He came back and said they were GF Blini's which had been specially made. Sceptical but sort of reassured, I ate them.

After about an hour I started to sneeze a lot and my nose got very stuffy, then I got the tell tale tummy pains. I lasted about an hour after that before feeling quite unwell and had to leave. By the time I got home I had a terribly swollen and blocked nose and couldn't stop sneezing like a full on allergy attack. I won't repeat what went on in the bathroom but it took a few hours to stop. I have never had such a violent reaction before.

Today Im left with a very sore and achy tummy and my nose still feels a bit stuffy. Has anyone else ever suffered these types of symptoms along with the usual tummy problems after being glutened?

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I hope you tell them off....... ! My extreme allergy which comes on very suddenly.... making me feel systemically awful, and sneezing three times a minute for several days... yes really, disappeared once I stopped the gluten...I used to get a mild stomach upset, but it was frequent.....to the point I had not made the connection. Once I gave up the gluten, my sneezing episodes went by 80 percent! I do seem to have allergy attacks to other things.. but.. if I do get gluten by mistake, the last time being in hospital, and not realizing the coffee I drank had barley in the chocolate powder... it brought on a similar reaction. MaryFx


hi there - just a thought but I sometimes get a reaction from Salmon if it is farmed and has been fed on mainly cereal based foods - or it could be a process that they use. But it might have been the blinis and other than that it could be cross contamination - we've all had it unfortunately - hope you feel better soon


Yup, I've actually been exposed by accident twice and went into full blown anaphylactic shock. My Mayo Clinic immunologist said it was because I had been off all grains and probably had no antibodies so the "hit" was extra bad. What made the second exposure so bad for me was that it was intentional. A family member who thought the grain issue was nonsense actually added flour to something that wouldn't ordinarily contain it! He wanted to see me eat it and be fine and then say "See! She's not sensitive at all!" My oldest son almost beat him up when we found out. My son had to rush me to the hospital, and he was furious as was I, that this little game could have killed me.... Now I bring my own food with me, because I'm highly allergic to corn and also allergic to a single cows milk protein, so it's always safer to bring my own or just stay hungry.... Why take a chance?


I'm the same with gluten, uncontrollable sneezing, tummy discomfort & bloating out like a telly tubby, it is most uncomfortable.

It's a shame you couldn't find out what was in those damned things.......it might have been another alien you reacted to........like corn.

I answered a lady on here the other day with regard to this gluten problem. Let's say for instance grain fed eggs were used in the meal..........the grain can carry though the system into the egg..........i often react to eggs.

I purchased a country veg soup once the reaction i had to that was horrible, complete with a rash from head to toe that itched like mad..........i looked like a lobster with the all over redness...........it was packed with corn !

Many years back i attended the Royal Homeopathic Hospital to be desensitized for gluten intolerance..........I felt fantastic after only a couple of injections, but due to a family crisis i couldn't finish the treatment. :-( I was funded by the NHS i dout if you could get that now with all the cut backs..........i'm going back a good 25yrs.

Food's are no different from us & have close cousin's, one's you would never suspect so be cautious.

I hope you have a Great Xmas & a better New Year as i know you have been a bit poorly recently, thanks for all your help.

I now have my diagnosis of Hughes plus Sjogrens............thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

Best wishes.......Jillymo x


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