Hi - Im flying for the first time since diagnosis to the USA with BA and have booked a Gluten Free Meal. Does anyone know what you actually get. On the website it just says what is NOT in it which is pretty obvious given you are booking a GF meal!

Also it says that they can't guarantee that the meal may be loaded or that you get your choice. As you cant take things through security - Does anyone know what is available to buy at Gatwick North Terminal to take on board?

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  • I usually take snacks with me just in case as you CAN take these through security. I flew to the US last year from Gatwick with Virgin who gave me excellent in flight meals. However I did contact them beforehand for extra baggage allowance (10 kilos) for my bread, crackers etc., as I found supplies of GF food in the US rather patchy, but if you are going to Disney Coeliacs are well catered for. You must declare the food on the in-flight form they give you to complete for Customs, but they are very understanding with this and allow it through. As for GF food at Gatwick, it was not very evident, but as I took my own it was not a problem. Just as an aside I was told to pack my food items separately and it would have to go in the hold, but at check-in they told me I could take it as extra hand luggage. Hope you have a great break.

  • Flew Virgin to Florida in Jan2012 ordered gf meal which did not appear (they forgot). The hostess gave me a small jacket potato (her meal) to eat - wouldn't get to excited about any airline producing meals. Oh and the same happened on the return journey . You need to ask if you can take food .

  • It's worth checking with the airline a couple of days before you fly (or at on-line check in) that you are listed as needing a gluten free meal. Ask again at the check in desk - it's too late at this point, but they will put it on for your return flight. I always take snacks in my hand luggage, just in case. BA short flights are bad as they only serve sandwiches or wraps & make no provision for us. My worst flight was with KLM from Johannesburg to Amsterdam, where the "soup" was hot water with finely chopped raw vegetables followed by a salad (no protein or carbohydrate at all). When we go to visit our son in Australia I always declare any uneaten snacks as they have very strict laws on importing food, but they are always allowed through (don't try it with fruit though!)

  • I've twice had gf meals on BA. They are perffectly acceptable but very bland. I think their special dietary products are catering for more than one allergy in order to cut down on the range they need to provide. I got a piece of white fish with some vegetables - perfectly edible but not exciting! Later when they served snacks I was amazed to find they had a gf sandich for me - I wasn't expecting anything. I agree with other posts about having some snacks - I never travel without some rice biscuits in my hand luggage. Hope you have a great trip.

  • Not much help for you now, but for future reference.....I flew Emirates in Feb/March and ordered gf meals. I was VERY PLEASANTLY surprised! It was labelled gluten free, so not 'any old allergy'. I'm always delighted with anything at all edible in those circumstances. The outward journey was OK - return veritably delicious! (though have to admit looking enviously at the non gf meals!) Having read all the other comments, I would prioritise flying emirates, if only for that reason!

  • In my experience you will get nothing when they serve the "bag of nuts" type snack (although if you are so hungry that you cry, you might get a fruit platter from First Class).

    The GF sandwich meal is utterly disgusting and inedible, including the muffin.

    The main meal is like non GF, a bit of a lottery, a lottery you don't usually win! There will be enough for a snack but you won't be full.

    In short, pack a picnic. Enjoy your trip :-)

  • Hi. Have flown BA to Florida several times and I am doing so again in July. The food was meat, veg and potato and anything packaged as GF. More edible than the none GF food my husband and son had. Food in Florida good but I did find it different in that their mash in restaurants is generally GF but their fries very definitely aren't as all coated in wheat. Baked beans in restaurant s also tend to have wheat.... Disney very good as is Texas de Brazil - their cheese biscuits are GF and very tasty. GF pizza v expensive...

  • Hi - my experience with Virgin flying to Sydney was bad. Gluten free was bland - almost inedible - as if catering for an invalid. Take snacks. I am flying to USA with them this month - will hope for better!

  • I went on a flight to Vagas and ordered GF diet - the GF food was Free From which I can't eat! Apparently I should have contacted the airline and asked for a special diet. If you can't eat FF see if you can do this. The flight attendant booked me a special meal for the return journey but it didn't arrive. She got me a baked potato from 1st class. On the way over all I had was some fruit on a 11 hour flight - fortunately I had eaten something at the airport before boarding. Do take some supplies. I think I coped on the way over but I have to say the experience made me feel quite wretched and difficult. It was only 6 months post diagnosis and I felt a bit vulnerable.

  • I flew with BA and all they could dish up for me was rice cakes and a plate of fruit and dont forget you get a snack later on in the flight and low and behold a bacon sandwich on wheat bread, anyway I protested and I asked what they were eating in first class which was steak so I said I can have that and I won. I would suggestyou take sandwiches, cold meats, marks and spencer salads etc. Good luck

  • After having had a few long haul flights without food Even though I had pre ordered GF meal, I would recommend contacting the airlines welfare team before flying as apparently this is the only way any special diets will be guaranteed in flight. As a back up I would definitely take snacks just in case! In my experience America has been very accommodating and I have always had good meals over there. Enjoy your holiday.

  • Wow! Thank You so much for all this info. I get loud and clear TAKE SNACKS!! I will do that. I cant remember if they have microwaves on board as I was thinking of making a homemade pasta dish that they could just heat up but if no microwaves that won't work! Would that be allowed through security and customs though? Thats the bit Im concerned about.....

    I think Im going to end up with a carbs overload on this trip! :-D

  • I went to carribean 10hour flight and got nothing. When I asked for a bag of nuts and a bar of chocolate they wanted t charge me. When I finally got on my ship I was poorly for the first 2days but they weren't interested. I got compensation after 6months of complaining. This was with p an o. Someone who works for Thomas Cook told me they could not gar ranted a gluten free meal on there plains even though they say they can in there brooches.

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