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Celiac Disease and Blood Disorders - A New Study

This was posted on our forum so I thought it may be of interest to everyone on here. I have Hughes Syndrome and Prof Hughes who discovered the condition Antiphospholipid Syndrome (APS) always advocates that his patients do not eat gluten.

Now there is increasing evidence to back up that opinion.


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Hi ApsnotFab

An interesting but not easy read! I had to look up Hughes Syndrome. Hope the gluten free diet has helped you.

I really feel the damn stuff should carry a health warning, it is implicated in so many problems!


If you would like to go to the Hughes Syndrome website here is the link as it has info about associated conditions. Prof Hughes says that Hughes often comes as a trio with Autoimmune Thyroid Disease and Sjogrens and of course we all know about the connection with Celiac and Hashimotos. Hashi was the first of my dx autoimmune conditions and the rest followed although I know Ive had Hughes since my teens as I had miscarriages in my 20's.

Yes being GF has helped and your right it should be banned!



More and more of us are certainly discovering anecdotally that making dietary changes can help autoimmune conditions. So many of them seem to go hand in hand. I've got Sjogrens/Hughes/Lupus and my GP suspected last year that I could have coeliac, however, I did test negative (well - I got a 'false positive' result which left me scratching my head!). I tried going gluten free and found this made a huge difference to my gastro problems - I gradually tried re-introducing certain foods and eventually found that it was wheat that was the main culprit for me. I know other people with autoimmune conditions have eliminated other foods from their diet such as dairy and have found it makes a difference to their symptoms.

I guess in an ideal world we'd all be able to employ a personal nutritionist to help sort out what we can and can't eat for our health but my finances certainly don't stretch to that. :)


I so wish there was a "like" button on here! :-)


You can certainly see why so many more people are trying a 'paleo' type diet, where you eliminate grains and dairy.


Thank you for posting this, the interesting part for me was that it says gluten can be linked to platelet abnormalities. My mum had not enough platelets and my aunt( her sister ) has too many. I'm convinced my mum was possibly gluten intolerant as she had two auto immune disorders.


Very interesting indeed. I have Hereditary Spherocytosis which is a blood disease. From what I am told my Platelets are not a normal shape. I have never connected this to being a Coeliac. I had to have my spleen removed which also effects my immune system.


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