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Do I need to see a eye doctor or don't worry?

Do I need to see a eye doctor or don't worry?

Hi people, I'm 16 and a male and recently and frequently I've been having blurriness and sometimes double vision when I lay down at night, I can tell its double vision because when I lay down in the dsark and look a the numbers on the digital clock I see what looks lime a shadow of the number. I experience anxiety but I don't know if this could cause it or have anything to do with this. I've been going through this for almost a month now but in the early month it wasn't as bad as it was now. This symptom comes and goes but doesn't mean that its gone if I don't see the double vision. Please tell me what I should do and what this is. I don't like suffering from something I don't understand. I'm only 16 please help... Thank you guys. 😊

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I suggest going to see an optometrist for any eye changes.