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Which ointment or gel or spray should I apply?


Hi, I'm Fahd from India. It's been two year since I'm suffering from fungal infection. It is genetic but my dad didn't that enough. But now, the fungal infection is getting on my face and I get rashes kind of on my face. Please help me.

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Hi...l have a disseminated fungal infection. I use essential oils with coconut oil on skin, scalp and lesions. Sulfur ointment helps too. 1000mg. Vitamin c daily. Oregano, grapefruit seed extract, olive leaf extract, .turmeric, raw garlic. I cover lesions with bentonite clay and tape. It draws the fungi out. Try to not eat table sugar. A little raw honey and stevia are good. Radishes and cilantro are anti fungal foods too. God bless you with healing.

I should mention that I have valley fever from an organism called coccidioides immitis.

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