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Hi All, I’m new here,so is my problem new to me.

Recently I had UTI,only the second time I’ve had one. But my GP did not give me the right antibiotics so consequently,I had to take a second lot.

Now I was feeling a bit sore just inside my virgina,so I asked my hubby to take a look,and he said I was red and sore on the one side,but I also had a milky type of liquid there too,this was just after I had a bath. So at a guess I’m saying maybe it’s Candida. After reading a bit about it,because this is also a first for me,I’m thinking maybe it’s due to taking two lots of antibiotics.

My question here is,has anyone got any suggestions how I got it,and how I get rid of it,without more antibiotics. I also suffer chronic pelvic pain,so would that be the cause. Also because I suffer with my stomach/ pelvic pain,would candida cause the pain to feel worse??? Sorry it’s so long but I’ve never experienced this before.

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Please bear in mind I am not medically qualified. However I’ve had numerous bouts of candida - thrush - & this doesn’t sound like it. Candida causes extreme itching & soreness, enough to stop you sleeping if left untreated for only a few days, & also the discharge is lumpy like cottage cheese, not milky. Don’t treat yourself for candida until you know, as you may make it worse.

You really need to see your gp & get a swab sent off to establish a diagnosis.

Actually the best place to go for a quick diagnosis is your local sexual health clinic. They deal with all genital problems and I’ve had brilliant service from mine, for both persistent thrush & lichen sclerosus. Check if your local one is open during covid. Mine has stopped drop-in clinics but is still open for appointments. They might be able to give you some telephone advice too.

Breathless76 in reply to Hanne62

Thank you for your reply,and it’s good to know that it possibly isn’t candida.

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