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Alcohol and antifungals seems to have stopped it working help


Can.alcohol reduce effectiveness of antifungal...I was taking posconazole to try for resistant thrush in neck and vagina gone very deep in both areas. I was getting shooting pains in vulva and deep in anus ovary its spread all over...I got great reduction in pain n felt it was doing something also which took much longer to get relief my throat n neck swelling went down n I started to cough out mucous but it was my birthday recently n I went for meal with friends I had booked prior to getting posconazole I rescued with will I drink won't I drink n I ended up having 4 drinks n the next day my infection felt worse and all pains coming right back so it seems alcohol may have allowed fungus to develop resistance as the pain shouldn't b coming back n I feel head cold n ill...if alcohol reduces antifungal why doesn't it say it on leaflet to avoid it...I obviously shouldn't have Im so annoyed with myself like iv had this infection really long its very bad why did I jeopardize that medicine? Anyone any experience with this...I think I will try voriconazole next but its so hard to get meds which are more expensive

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If you look up potential interactions there are none listed for alcohol, and if you do the same for other antifungal azoles we can only find a warning about liver toxicity as some systemic antifungals can be toxic to your liver, and so can alcohol. Taking both might cause liver problems.

I hear ya it doesn't say but some information says it can reduce effectiveness or wash out bloodstream n with how clever bugs are especially super ones can adapt a resistance very fast...because pains in ovary anus vulva all went I had so much relief could go toilet with no pain...but after I drank it began to get slowly bad again n now its severe pain up bum vagina etc its hard sitting down. Am going to email doc n tell him and ask for this med similar or safe like posconaxole as I tolerated that very well.

Yes.. candida is an overgrowth which needs to be brought back in balance in order for your body to heal. Alcohol converts to sugar and candida feeds on sugar. There are candida diets online. Candida can be very dangerous. God bless you.

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