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3 months fungal infection


My 16 year old niece has this infection for 3 months now and doesn't go away.

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R they sure its fungal. My son has a patch on his foot . Tried anti fungal cream and didnt clear up. Went to Gp who said ringworm try a different cream. Weeks later still didnt clear up. Stopped using cream. Grew bigger.

Eventually took him private to see a dermatologist.. as oon as he saw it confirmed not ringworm at all but a granuloma annularae. Doesn't occur often so probably not seen by gps. But a harmless skin condition no treatment needed and would eventually resolve itself.

Its its not responding to any treatment id push for a referral to a dermatologist as it may actually be something else.

We have actually gone to a dermatologist and he diagnosed it as a fungal infection.

how about the fungal patint now?

Ask for hydrocortisone, I had a really bad case when I was younger I had to use that cream along with special bandages that got wrapped on my legs at night whilst I slept. I didn't go away over night,it takes time. Also if you can find a fresh water lake or a little running river. The water from then have healing properties my mother would take me every other weekend and I promise you it helped massively x

Hope the rash is cleared up now. Did you find out what the rash was? If so, what treatment was given?

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