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Candida Albicans and intraconazole


Has anyone dealt with candida albicans infection of the mouth? I took amoxcillin 3 months ago for 5 days and my tongue turned white. I don't have a tongue that looks like the internet stock photos when you google "oral thrush." Mine is white on all over on top and more so in the back of my tongue. It is irritated and seems dry. Plus I have diarrhea and loose stools. I had ENT and 2 primary doctors look at my tongue. A dentist did a spit test which tested positive for candida albicans. I have been prescribed liquid intraconazole. Has anyone used this medicine before?

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Antibiotic rinse from the Dentist will kill it off quickly or try swishing with basic hydrogen peroxide ! I see you ave Intraconazole : is it an antibiotic?

StaceyN21 in reply to AmyLindy

No its a antifungal med.

Yes I’ve had itraconazole several times, for another fungal infection, aspergillosis. I was fine on it

StaceyN21 in reply to Hanne62

Thanks how long did it take to work for you? How long were you on it

Hanne62 in reply to StaceyN21

It took 3-4 wks to make a real difference. The first time I took it for 5yrs in total but since then I’ve had two courses of 6 months each. Some people only have it for 3 months. Bear in mind this is cos aspergillus affects my lungs quite badly from time to time. I hope it helps you.

StaceyN21 in reply to Hanne62

Ok thank you for responding. I am hoping this medicine will work for my problem

Hi Stacey, please let us know how it goes. My tongue looks like the picture in the other thread. I also got it from amoxicillin 4 months ago, and ignored it for a while.

My doctor put me on 50mg Fluconazole + Nystatin for 7 days. Today started round 2 - 200mg Fluconazole + Nystatin for another 7 days.

I would say the tongue looks a bit worse than when I started. I see that Nystatin contains sucrose, which is sugar, so if I understand correctly, it fights but also feeds the thrush. I will talk to my doctor to pick an alternative.

yes it didn't work for me. I was on nystatin and fluconazole didn't work either.

Hi Stacey. I had a problem fighting oral candida infection as well. it coming back no matter what i did. I tested negative for HIV so it wasnt my actual immune system that was failing. both me and my dr could not understand why i was getting this reoccurance of candida. so i started doing some research. during this period i started getting some type of infection in my nostrils. My doctor said it was MRSA (mainly bcuz i had a MRSA infection of the nose one time before. she said mrsa will colonise in the nose and once you get one infection you get them forever. I am now looking for a new dr btw) and i was treated with doxicycline. that just made the oral thrush and my nose worse. the infection migrated out of my nostril on to the skin of my face and from there spread to my hands, arms and feet. no one kn ew what it was. i went to a dermatologist eventually, but right before i saw her i happen to come acroos this article on gut health. apparently candida lives in your gut and when the ecosystem of your gut get out of whack it can affect every organ and system in your body. the article suggested i take probiotics. so iwent and did a little more research as to what probiotic helps fight candida overgrowth and focused on finding a probiotic with that specific bacterium. that happened to be lactobacillus rhamnosus so i picked up a probiotic with that in it. Stacey i cannot tell you the difference i saw about 36 hours after i started taking the probiotic. it was uncanny. i started the probiotic on a saturday afternoon and when i woke up that monday morning ( and i know this sounds so cliche but it is so true) i felt, literally like a new person. my skin rashes , by that point had become so painful on my hands and feet that i was having problems walking and driving. that morning i woke up with no pian whatsoever. I still had the rash on my face hands and feet but i was seeing a dermatologist that afternoon. My oral thrush has gone away completely and has not come back tho it has only been a little over 3 weeks since i stared the probiotic. But i have not even the slightest whitish film on my tongue or that feeling of a film on your tongue from the candida. I started a cleanse about 6 days ago after reading more on gut health and how important it is to your whole body. i have one more day of the cleanse left to go but i feel so much better in general. that dermatologist gave my an antifungal and hydrocortisone for the rash on my face and a different steroid ointment for my feet and hands. The combo of that and the probiotoc and the cleanse has helped me so significantly. I cannot explain the level of anxiety i was expeiencing before i started the probiotic. i wa really scared that something serious was really wrong with me and my immune system and with all this covid stuff going on i was really starting to panic. my stress level today concerning my health is pretty nil. i hope some of thsi info can help you in soemway shape or form and pls reach out if theres any quiestion i can answer. im no doctor but i know what worked for me. best of luck! -- T

Hi, what probiotic did you use?

An update for me - after taking lots of anti-fungal medicine, I finally got it tested in the lab, and no fungus/yeast was found, so looks like it was just bacterial all along. So my conclusion would be: get it tested in the lab first.

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