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Systemic fungal infection


I’m brand new here and posting for the first time. I have been sick for 5 years. I started with a productive cough 5 years ago and it still exists today. Also all 10 finger nails and 10 toe nails are infected. I’ve had clippings cultured and it comes back with candida yeast. My sputum has never come back with fungal but frequently comes back with streptococcus pneumonia & Haemophilus Influenzae. I had sinus surgery 7 months ago but still have chronic infections. I’m convinced I have systemic fungus just not sure how. I was very healthy and never got sick. Now I’m in antibiotics every other month. I have a prescription for Itraconozole but I’m hesitant to take it. I’ve been to May Clinic in Rochester MN and they dx me with Yellow Nail Syndrome. It’s extremely rare and I’m skeptical. The fact that I’ve had 2 positive fungal nail cultures just furthers my belief that this is fungal. I guess I’m just looking for anyone who may have a similar story. You never know.

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antibiotics undoubtedly kill all beneficial gut bacteria and allow candida to thrive. itraconazole will help until the next course of antibiotics which will trigger candida again. you need to identify why your immune system cannot cope with the other recurrent infections - that will be your long term answer.

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Three hearty cheers for antibiotics

"C. albicans does not appear to evoke sufficient levels of inflammation to colonize the mouse GI tract successfully without antibiotic treatment"

"you need to identify why your immune system cannot cope with the other recurrent infections"

if only

Do you have any mold or water damage present in your home or workplace? That type of thing starts things like you're describing and keeps it going. Xx

Hi I would not hesitate to take Itraconazole as it is an antifungal medicine. Take it for the prescribed period( usually 6months) You may want to check for aspergillosis ( persistent coughing) , to find out get a blood test.

I was recently diagnosed with invasive Aspergillis in my lung(s). I started coughing up black plhlegm last summer and it hasn't stopped. Just finished 3 months of vorconazole which didn't kill it so they upped the dose for two weeks and will probably up it again. From what I've read, this is extrememly hard to beat. My doc doesn't tell me a lot and next time i go in I want to bring a list of questions I have about it.

One of the symptoms of aspergillis is profuse sweating...and I mean dripping sweating....its awful Sometimes its so bad I have to lay down and wait it out because its just too overwhelming the intense heat. I never used to sweat!

I'm starting to worry more now that the first three months didn't seem to do a damn thing. If ANYONE can inform or give the name of a Dr in Palm beach gardens or surrounding areas, please let me know. I see Infectious disease and pulmonology. In about ten days I'll have another CT Scan to see if its grown or gotten any smaller and go from there. I'm also asking that a biopsy be done to make sure there is nothing else going on in there.

Stay out of the Sun! Makes you worse...and when on meds you become very photosensitive and the med can cause skin cancer....among other horrible side effects. I can't imagine being on it for the rest of my life!

My husband had a severe aspergillus fungal lung infection last year. He had been coughing an unusual deep cough for probably a year. He began to have sweats, fever, and fatigue. He was in the hospital for a month while being treated with antibiotics which of course didn't cure his fungal infection. All of the fungal cultures continued to be negative during that month so he was not given antifungal meds. All of the bacterial cultures were also negative but that didn't stop the infectious disease doctor from bombarding him with major antibiotics for a month however. Those antibiotics only caused damage to his kidneys. He had a CT guided needle biopsy of his lung and it only showed inflamation. He then was admitted to Mayo Clinic where he was immediately treated with micafungin and posaconazole anti fungal medications. He received daily IV infusions for a month and the posaconazole oral medication for about six months. It seemed to cure his fungal lung infection. He was diagnosed with myeloproliferative neoplasm, a blood marrow cancer, when he was admitted to the hospital. This disease made him immunocompromised and that is why his immune system was not able to fight off the fungal infection. He almost died from this lung infection because the doctors did not treat for a fungal infection for the entire first month that he was hospitalized.

I am so so sorry Leiacat. My god...why didn't they give him fungal treatments in the hospital? They thought it was gone?

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Fungal infection can be very difficult to diagnose as the tests we have available to us need to be improved. This is happening though slowly.

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I'm waiting for the results of a semen test for yeast/bacteria in my case of Chronic Pelvic Pain/Chronic Non Bacterial Prostatis - the urine tests have drawn a blank. I realise the testing is problematical but I had to struggle hard to get this semen test done - privately - and this is better than being fobbed off as has generally been the case

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That's a very good point, they'll cheerfully prescribe antibiotics when there's no evidence of bacterial infection but are very reluctant to prescribe antifungals when there are grounds for suspecting fungal infection - from my limited knowledge of these matters that sounds disasterous

This is an interesting study - 1000 males in Egypt who were suffering from chronic prostatitis and had seen no improvement from courses of antibiotics. They were prescribed high doses of flucanazole of 800mg per day for 2 weeks - without any preliminary tests. The results were remarkable

I believe that you have to go with your gut I myself have been dealing with fungus and antibiotics are making me worse me I'm doing everything antifungal I'm getting a little better

Thanks for the replies. I have been tested for aspergillosis multiple times and negative. I had my home tested for mold and that was negative. I may do that again as I’m not sure how accurate it was. Our house was built in 2001 so not that old. I did receive the pnemovax23 vaccine in April after my tigers show low immunity to most. I will retest in Aug to see if the vaccine helped and if not they say I need to see an immunologist.


Fungal nail infections are usually quite distinct from lung or sinus infection. For example there is no way yeast cells from a nail infection will have been caused by yeast in your lungs travelling to your nails or vice versa. There is usually an environmental cause for nail infections - for example gardeners tend to get infected nails as they are constantly damaging them in soil. Once one is infected it does tend to spread unless you treat them promptly. There are several topical treatments available as well as oral antifungal medication, but you must spend time every day treating nails for months to stop the infection.

In your case you have been diagnosed with yellow nail disorder which is not a fungal infection. Unless proven otherwise I would go with your doctors judgement.

Sinus infections also often come from environmental exposure. You don't say that you were treated for fungal infection in your sinuses but if so that can be a very stubborn infection such as you describe. If antibiotics dont work it might well be worth trying an antifungal medication. As you say your doctors have prescribed itraconazole it is well worth taking as that may what they are suspecting, but it can take weeks to show a beneficial effect. Be vigilant and report any unusual symptoms to your doctor.

I think I almost died after I had a boil caused by a fungal infection on my face and docs gave me shots and pills of antibiotics. Fluconazole saved me - even though the pharmacist took his time to get it to me because he thought I just had a vaginal yeast infection when my lungs were in pain, I was on my 4th day of fever, and my body was covered in red spots.

Maybe you can get the doc to prescribe you oral antifungals.

For skin and nails, Selsen Blue Medicated with Selenium Sulfite is the only thing that’s worked for me. It’s cheap and painless and harmless (I think, because it’s a dandruff shampoo?), and Super effective. Causes your skin to lightly crust over and then flake leaving behind clear skin.

Also try bleach baths. One cup of bleach in a bath and soak for 30 min. You can even file down your nails and apply concentrated bleach directly on there. It works well but it’s a little scarier than shampoo and Selsen Blue still works better.

Also stay away from champagne, wine, and beer. Vodka seems ok. Vodka + lemon or lime juice + acv will prob help kill the fungus in your gut too. But this is not for sure.

Oregano oil supplements seemed to help.

I feel like Sriracha is probably good too.

Good Luck, and doctors suck.

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Iodine helps the most Lugols or nascent. For skin tincture of iodine. Read up!

Oh and stop any kinda steroids even hydrocortisone and no more antibiotics.

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