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Complicated kidney infection. Unexplained fever.


My father was misdiagnosed with a smaller kidney stone than it actually was. Before they found out the real size in CT scan, the doctors began the flush therapy and it apparently started to damage his kidney walls so they inserted a DJ stent. After keeping the stent for two weeks, they conducted RIRS Lithrotripsy to remove the stone. They sent him home with a stent again in the ureter. Within a week he started to suffer from high fever which has continued till date, it has been over 18 days now, still in hospital. We thought the stent was causing the fever, it was removed and fever persisted. All blood and urine cultures are negative. Anti-malarial drugs were administered, to no avail. A CT scan detected a minimal pus in the right kidney which has also now been removed through fine needle aspiration but the fever persisted. The pus biopsy was also negative. So far he has been on Meropenem (and now merobactum), PCM injections for fever relief, amikacin (restarted today), four doses of colistin in two days (suspected to cause higher fever than regular - 104° with chills and vomitting). PET CT detected a fungal infection in kidney today and he has been put on Amfocare (amphotericin) 50mg.

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