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Symptoms after oral sex


Hi everyone!

I have been struggling with this for 10 weeks after I had unprotected oral sex.

I tested negative for absolutely every STI, including Hep. A, B and C. The candida test is also negative. No HIV.

My END doctor already said she did everything possible and that from her point of view it is just a matter of time until my tongue will be clear again (as all the tests came back negative).

The infectious disease doctor took another tests for Hep A and C, faringian exudate, tongue exude, uretral secretions, urine test and stool test, ureaplasma and microplama test (the only sti test i didn't do previously). All of them are negative. The doctor send me home and prescribed a mix of meds composed of Nistatin, acyclovir, vitamin B, vitamin A and glicerine. She said the same thing as the END doctor... I will be fine.

However I don't see any improvement. My tongue continues to be like this (see photos).

Did anyone experience this?!

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Well, i suggest you go to the supermarket and buy some extra large POLO MINTS to put your tongue in the hole.

Just a laugh but, i would give it up, have you asked the lady to get a test, or was she a stranger, naughty boy.

Is it painful? I had terrible tongue reactions when I had a hidden source of mold in my home....

lafsalot in reply to Saassii

Yes so did i!

Marian85 in reply to Saassii

It is not painful. I visited Dublin for 4 days. I took an Air Bnb accommodation. The place looked clean... however my symptoms could be related to this place and not to oral sex. It's the first time I take this aspect into consideration. I was a little bit terrified about HIV and other STIs but now I am sure it's not any of these (I tested negative for all STIs, did the tests 2/3 times in different laboratories... Just to be sure)...

The problem is that I have it for 10 weeks and I am tired of this. The symptoms started to fade away slowly slowly, however my tongue is far from being normal.......why does it take so much time... ... I want to go back to my life style.

Saassii in reply to Marian85

I completely understand. The contamination I was exposed to changed something with my immune system and nothing has been the same since. The mouth and tongue pain I still experience is harrowing. I'm glad yours isn't painful. You could try holding coconut oil in your mouth for 20 mins just swishing around. It's innocuous unless allergic and has strong anti fungal properties. Don't put anything chemical or harsh in your mouth in an attempt to cure it. If you were exposed to microbial contamination then chemical sensitivity generally joins in. You could also see if there are any foods or beverages that are triggering this or keeping it in a state of inflammation. Mold and similar microbes cause deregulation of the immune system and irrational allergies. So you may have a new hypersensitivity to something you're consuming now. An elimination diet is tedious but effective.


You are highly unlikely to be experiencing the effects of a place you stayed at for 4 days, so i think we can rule that out. You should re-visit your ENT or ID doctor and tell them what you have written here - that the medications have had some effect but after 10 weeks things have not cleared up. It could be a fungal or bacterial infection and it usually clears up in a few weeks.

Factors like spicy foods, poor diet, not brushing your teeth thoroughly, alcohol and smoking can make the appearence worse.

Ask for further investigations.

Marian85 in reply to GAtherton

Thank you for the feedback. I went to 4 END doctors so far. I was offered some mouth wash solutions and antimicrobial pills for the thought. None of them have managed to clear my tongue thus far.

I underline that my symptoms started with my lips 1-2 days after exposure (rI had red, gluey and cracked). I was also consulted by an gastroenterologist who sent me back to an END doctor.

I just discovered that a medicine branch deals with this kind of problems; it's called "Oral Pathology". I will consult one doctor in 2 days. I am tired of getting ambiguous answers from END and infectious diseases doctors.

I most probably need a byopsy (last END doctor refused to do a byopsy as long as all other tests are negative and I am "perfectly healthy" :( ). I went in the weekend at the ER of the Oral and Maxillofacial Hospital. I got consulted by a relatively young doctor. He told me to stop rubbing my tongue with the nistatin and acyclovir solution as I remove not only the bad bacteria but also the good ones. I was told to leave my tongue alone, to drink more water and suck lemons in order to increase my saliva productivity. The doctor also told me that a thik layer will form on my tongue for few days, due to the damage I did while rubbing the papillae, but my tongue will start to clear by itself soon. This is the 3rd day I stopped rubbing the dorsal side of my tongue and some a accumulations stared to appear (exactly as mentioned by the doctor).

The cause of my symptoms are still an enigma for me. I just hope I didn't develop an autoimune response and I have to live with this my entire life. The psychological implications are also a burden... getting this from oral sex. LOL.


I can understand why you might have tried to scrub off the discolouration but only damaged your tongue doing so. Leaving well alone should help but it will take patience.

It rather sounds like your doctors are happy that there is no nasty infection, it just looks unsightly. In the UK we would likely leave well alone too, under the same circumstances. The point of doing a biopsy would be to identify if there is a particular organism involved and to get clues on how to treat it - but if it will clean up on its own there is no point.

Taking in for account what you are saying your doctors are telling you, I think we can likely rule out oral sex as a cause.

This type of discolouration is quite common, and will disappear. If you leave well alone and there is no improvement, go back to your doctor.

Marian85 in reply to GAtherton

I already have this for 76 days.... It's quite a lot. I am getting both impatient and scared.

Marian85 in reply to GAtherton


I went today to a well known oral pathology doctor. He told me exactly the same things as you did. There is no connection between oral sex and my saburral tongue. These things happen spontaneously and go away without treatment. I was prescribed vitamin A pills for 30 days and vitamin A oil for my lips. I was advised not to touch my tongue (I already did a lot of harm😅🙄😕) and return after 6 months.


Last ENT doctor diagnosed my condition as Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (LPR). I did an endoscopy 3 months ago...the result was "minimum lesions of esophagitis Grade A (Los Angeles)".

The ENT told me it's silent reflux...... I was prescribed Lanzoprazole for 2 months. The only problem is that I had already taken Nexium for 1 month after the endoscopy with absolutely no effect. I don't believe this diagnosis.

Hi everyone!

It's laringorfaringial reflux (silent reflux). I was put on Lanzoprazole and Motilium. I follow a strict diet (high PH level). I am getting better. Unfortunately I was missdiagnosed for 8 months and I did a lot of damage in this period as well (drinking a lot of coffee, weight-lifting in the gym, drinking alcohol, eating a lot of tomatoes during summer time etc).

It's not an easy disease, however I am glad that I finally have a diagnosis.

Thank you for this I have an ENT appointment this week. I’ve been dealing with this for a month with some improvement but still recurrent.

What are your simptoms?

Hi ! A I seem to have the same problem. Tounge is white and originally was given antifungal medicine for thrush. Ent gave me some medicine for possible Silent Reflux but stopped after 4 weeks because I saw no improvement. Are you symtoms clear now ?

No. The same

Issaaccc in reply to Marian85

Hey guys, when I was reading all the comments I felt like you describing what happening with me right now, it’s been 6 months since I had a white things on the back of my tongue it’s harmless sometimes it’s very clear to see specifically after drinking coffee I have done to many tests and it’s all negative. And I didn’t know what’s happening to me until I read those comments.

Issaaccc in reply to Marian85

But I have one more things on my lips it is also harmless, it’s hundred of very small white bumps you cannot notice it unless you are very close to the mirror. Did this happened to any one.

Midnite2020 in reply to Issaaccc

Take acidophilus probiotics it should clear that up and make sure you stop taking any antibiotics

Trevor826 in reply to Issaaccc

They sound like Fordyce spots. They are benign, but you should still get them checked out by a doctor to make sure they aren't something else

I might have discovered something.

I am on my second day of antibiotics. I will keep you updated. Keep in touch!

Midnite2020 in reply to Marian85

Have you been taking to many antibiotics? You can develop that from taking to many antibiotics as it kill the good bacteria that keeps that in check.

Thank you for posting this.

I have had the exact same experience (except the symptoms aren't as severe), i.e., oral sex on a female over four months ago, burning throat/white tongue, initial diagnosis of thrush, two oral swabs months apart came back with nothing, two std checks came back clear (contemplating a third), used three different oral anti-fungal medication, candida diet, oral hygiene to perfection, etc. Have seen a slight improvement but nothing lasting.

Please share any progress you make. I will try to do the same.

Marian85 in reply to Trevor826

pls find below my answer

Trevor826 in reply to Trevor826

I now believe that I had a bacterial infection that was being misdiagnosed as thrush and my body was having trouble kicking it because of my undiagnosed silent reflux. My doctor didn't want to prescribe antibiotics, so I instead took Betadine Sore Throat Gargle for 1.5 weeks (started 3 times a day and tapered down to once a day) alongside some anti-reflux medication (both were available over the counter). I noticed the improvement in just two days and by the end of the week my symptoms had disappeared. (My doctor advised me to do it for 2 weeks, but I stopped after a week and a half and it hasn't come back.) Even though I lived with a sore throat for six months, I can barely even remember what it was like now it is gone. This might not be relevant for everyone but I hope it helps.

My problem was caused by this:

Klebsiella pneumoniae (K. pneumoniae)

I returned with it from Ireland/Dublin (I live in Easten Europe).

Absoluletely all STDs/STIs tests were negative. Throat swabs and sputum were negative several times for absolutely everithing (I sincerely don't know why).

I got lucky when I went to an extremly dedicated and patient doctor in Warsaw (Poland). I spent aprox 1 hour in her office and went together through the piles of analyses I had done in 18 months. She deciced to test me for some unusual things ---- the tests came back positive for Klebsiella pneumoniae. I have/had it in my oral cavity, throat and esofagus.

Tomorrow I finish the antibiotics. I already feel better than ever before.

Hope this helps others out there!!!

Good luck to everyone!

I had the same , any treatment ?!

Did you have Klebsiella?!

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