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Possible Candida/fungal infection?

Possible Candida/fungal infection?

Hi all

This is the second time I’ve posted on healthunlocked, my first was on a thyroid thread but I also believe my symptoms may relate to possible Candida/fungal issues..

They’re dizziness, fatigue, muscle and joint aches, clicking of bones all over my body, hair loss/thinning/greying, dandruff I cant get rid of, blood shot eyes, palpitations that come and go that are accompanied by slight hand tremors too. I also have developed sinusitis.

The other thing I’ve noticed which leads me to believe it is something to do with Candida is that in my faeces there seems to be a thread like substances within and this has been present for weeks now. The length of this cotton like substance varies but can be anywhere from 1cm to 10cm long. They’re very thin and delicate.

The reason this seems abnormal to me is that I’ve tracked my diet to the finest detail and nothing I’ve eaten resembles what they look like so I have ruled out it being a food type that my body isn’t breaking down.

I didn’t want to upload a picture for anyone who may be nauseous to this type of thing but I do have pictures.

Thank you for your help on a not very pleasant subject..

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I see you've been travelling in s-e Asia. Have your GP sent off any stool samples to test for parasites, eg giardia?


Hi Hanne

They have tested for the following on the picture I’ve just uploaded to this thread.

Thank you


I'd go back to your gp again, Curtis. I haven't had giardia personally, but a friend who did took several visits to gp, & developed similar symptoms to yours, before she finally got a diagnosis & the right treatment. I'm not a medic but long cotton-like threads sound suspicious! My friend said that as time went on, the numbers increased & also she could see them moving about, horrid! Poor you, you sound quite unwell so something's not right. Take another sample with you (you can get a pot from the chemist for about 50p) and make sure it contains the threads


Thank you, I will make a note of it and mention it to my GP.

I’ll update you if I get any progress

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I had a lot of those threads but was always constipated & saw that it was bowel lining written somewhere. However, I always had a high sugar diet from the age of 3 & had what was called sugar bumps especially on the front of my thighs. I developed hypothyroidism & now take thyroxine daily. I have tinea versicolor & candida in all my hair follicles which is common with hypothyroidism.

A short course of Itraconazole didn't have any effect that I could see but Caprylic acid at least 6 billion content probiotics by Lindens a day grapefruit seed & grape seed extract have brought my motions to normal & all white threads have disappeared completely ... Never in my life have they been normal.

I lost all limb hair which has been slowly returning since using head & shoulders as hair & body wash. It must be left on for 5 to 10 mins for the zinc to take good effect. I've lost a lot of head hair & thyroid is always blamed for this. I now believe the candida caused the thyroid issues as opposed to the other way around.

I'm going to start these below now my caprylic acid has finished...

I've also found very strange symptoms in my skin. When I use certain products which contain caprylic acid a black speck comes out of the white circle surrounding hairless follicles & the white diminishes. The tinea versicolor on my upper back is fading but slowly as it's hard to reach with the moisturiser which needs massaging in a little bit.

The best moisturiser for candida in my skin has been this choosing grapefruit & organic tea tree... see main ingredient is Caprylic .....

I've cut out sugar & most foods which encourage candida. I took the diet change slower due to the horrible die off symptoms. Herxheimer die off aka

I take spray vitamin B12 with coQ10 50 ml and this gives me an immediate energy boost which always shocks me as it works so well.

People with low thyroid are often found to be low in vit B12

I've had untold muscle & spine issues & trapped nerves all have subsided since the 2 months on this. I could show you the dr's diagnosis for Myalgia patheticus (nerve) , gluteus medius (muscle) & many more diagnoses of issues.. All have disappeared since dealing with the fungal infection.

I also take virgin coconut oil every day a large spoonful. That used as a mouth aka pulling has many benefits fungal & bacterial. Nysatin helped but oral candida on my tongue returned every morning. Scrubbing it with bicarbonate of soda is working best for me & shrinking the white patches under my tongue (Mine are from candida & not cancer white patches)

I hope my experiences are helpful in some way. My GP knows the supplements I take in my fight to rid myself of this. I always believe consulting our GP is best before embarking on any self treatments.

Also look at Doug Kaufmann's website 'know the cause' & see him on you tube


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