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My enrire family of 7 people has one of 2 fungal "infections" related to aspergillus and we chose to try homeopathic meds first before risking all the side effects of other meds. Its been about a week now and most of the symptoms were relieved the very first day. It took about 4 hours before my coughing slowed down but my daughter who was throwing up from so much coughing had instant relief! The thing is though, this drated thing seems to fight back and becomes rather aggressive at the site of colonization. I suspect that the increase in itching and crawling skin, nose bleeds and extreme irritation and ratty behaviour is part of die off? I had a headache for the 2nd day of meds but it eased. We are not enjoying these side effects but the main symptoms of breathing difficulties, fatigue, coughing and vomiting have stopped or are going away. My elderly mom responded the best to the homeopathic meds and her horrific coughing and breathing difficulty was eased within a few days! She looks and feels a lot better after being bedridden for almost a month. Does anyone know what other natural remedies help? I'm interested to take ozone in some form or anything that will increase oxygen in the blood.

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  • Hi, sorry to hear your family is affected by this disease and hope you all get better soon. I'd be interested to know what homeopathic meds you have been using please.

  • Could you give us more details of what your circumstances and diagnoses are? It would be very unusual for that many people in a family to have a form of aspergillosis so not likely to be an Aspergillus infection - from your description I suspect you are showing allergic reactions to something?

    Homeopathic medication is not thought to be medically active in itself - though there are some supportive studies they are of low quality and the UK clinical authorities find these insufficient to recommend these attempts at treatment be part of NHS practice. nhs.uk/Conditions/homeopath...

    Despite this, there are those who contend that taking a small amount of a highly diluted substance (in practice virtually none at all) can relieve symptoms. I would say that under some circumstances it probably does work in the same way any drug will work if the person taking it believes it works - we know that this is a powerful drug. The elongated procedure used to prepare the drug is likely to be part of the process of convincing the patient it will work.

    That said if it works for you then fair enough it does no harm carrying on other than financial stress! Be aware though that delaying conventional treatment may worsen your current health condition and if it is aspergillosis that may shorten your life expectancy.

  • Hmmm. 🤔 So many areas to be considered in our body's ailments and/or reactions. I think it would be fascinating and extremely educational to see a live, in layman's terminology, discussion / debate between a panel of respected medical doctors and homeopathic practitioners. I wonder if MUCH of it would come down to belief--on both sides--and same or similar medicinal source derivatives. Seems to me it'd be overwhelmingly helpful if all salient information could be combined to the benefit of both sides. But maybe I'm being wholly naïve and simplistic in thinking this even possible.

  • I agree, these two sides sometimes seem to be at war rather than try to learn off each other. Belief that a medication will help you is a powerful drug no matter what medication you take - I have seen drug trial results showing that half of the impact of a medication can be experienced by the control arm of a trial which does not receive the test drug.

    It is very difficult to accept that a homoeopathic drug that is diluted beyond any reasonable chance of it being present in enough quantity is actively treating a condition, but everything that goes along with it may well account for improvements in the patient's condition - a more holistic approach, removal of side effects, removal of anxiety for example. All useful tools for any doctor and perhaps some conventional doctors neglect those skills in the arrogant belief that their powerful drugs will work all by themselves - they can improve their treatment using those skills.

    In the UK doctor training is getting better in this regard though we have some way to go.

  • What an incredible challenge your family is going through! I'm sorry for your struggles , but so glad to hear of your positive results using nature's sources. I am curious about ozone. Have heard conflicting reports on its benefits. I recently researched and purchased a filtering air purifier for my bedroom area, but it does not have an ozone feature. Would very much appreciate your thoughts on the benefits of ozone. Thanks, and all the best to you and your family.

  • Ozone is an irritant so if it is present in the air you breathe it is likely to cause coughing and other problems. Many manufacturers try to claim that they only use a small amount of ozone which will prevent irritation but then fail to present any evidence that ozone has any impact in your home at those levels. Save your money.


  • Oooooo. Thank you so much for this info. Glad I followed my gut on that one and DIDN'T purchase the ozone purifier! 😳😜

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