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Aspergillosis (fungal ball) in lung needing some advice please

After a lung operation in 2013 left a gap in right lung was diagnosed with fungal ball in end of 2016, started natural treatment as wasn't keen on conventional treatment I used oregano capsules paul D'arco grapefruit seed extract to name a few. But recently started having some blood in phlegm, I've also got really bad pain in bone of right forearm, my question is are these symptoms of the fungus and what anti fungals would you recommend? I already have a low immune system from previous cancer, COPD, pertussis anaemia, thanks fir reply x

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It is possible that your fungal ball is still there and blood in phlegm is a sign you need to go and see your doctor for further investigations. This cannot be treated effectively with herbal medication such as you describe and needs close care from a specialist doctor.

NOTE if you are subsequently prescribed medication be sure to tell your doctor that you are taking grapefruit seed (and anything else) as that can interfere with medications such as antifungals and others making it difficult to manage your symptoms.

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The fungal ball is still there for sure X-ray shows this and confirms size same as before, also what information do you have to prove herbal meds won't help or clear it? As blood tests show huge improvement? Interferes in what way?? The ppl whom I've spoken with are only managing symptoms with anti fungals from wythenshaw and contine to have dosage put up or changed onto something stronger with no one cured from it? Also ppl side effects really scare me , what happens after building tolerance for all anti fungals drugs? Thanks for replying x


Oh I know for sure the fungal ball is still there I've recently had ct with contrast, showing no changes to size of fungal ball and blood work shows significant improvement, said my respiratory specialist, by using only herbal treatment, so it's definitely managing it with no side effects, but still wheezy ! Fatigued!


I'm awaiting your response?


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