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I don't know how am I going to survive because I am just a high school kid with ugly nails like c'mon god is that even fair. Anyway, I have managed to make it up from Year 7 to Year 9 and now I have felt like that this isn't working out for me especially when I have to play the PIANO WITH MY FINGERS and the teacher always comes to me IDK why, maybe she noticed my ugly nails. On the left hand, three fingers are affected : the thumb, the index and the ring finger while on the right hand, four fingers are affected which are : thumb, middle , ring and pinkie. You guys are probably thinking how the fuck were you able to survive high school like that, To be honest I don't really know I never even skipped classes or anything but if nothing has changed I will probably have to even though I don't want to.

I don't know what to do I feel like I am in a life and death situation I really want to kill myself and let go off my suffering but I made so many friends that I don't want to leave so I JUST NEED TIPS PLEASE I BEG ALL I ASK FOR EFFECTIVE REMEDIES FOR FUNGAL NAIL INFECTION PLEASE I DON'T WANT TO LIVE A MISERABLE LIFE

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Dear Rod I am in UK and genuinely feel for you, I can tell you there are treatments. I am taking a tablet called Terbibafine and have noticeable improvement! I have regular blood checks, as apparently it can affect your liver? [if taken over time] Ok fine for me as in the UK my treatment is free. What I am saying Rodrick is. there is certain hope,You have friends they like YOU. It seems you have musical ability, great, by all means look for treatment. get rid of the infection. and become the incredible person you are destined to be. My best wishes to you and those you love, your treatment began yesterday? when you asked for help!


Hi, sorry you are going through all that. I use Jason Tea Tree Nail Saver. It's in a little bottle with a brush and I paint my nails with it a couple of times a day, giving it time to sink in. It's been great for fungal infections. You could add an extra couple of drops of tea tree oil to the nails if it's bad. It might take a while to work but it does!


go to your doctor and ask for a 3 month course of tebrinafine


This is something that will be successfully treated by your doctor. It is not easy to treat so not something you should attempt yourself.


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