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Advice needed on Aspergillus allergy

I started with ate onset asthma 5 years ago, having become allergic to Aspregillus. I also suffer from an allergy to Sulphites through the form of rhinitus which I have had for over 20 years. I have to take 7.5mg of Prednisolon per day along with Alvesco and Seretide. I tried a course of Itracazonole, which I responded very favourably, restoring my lung function test to 100% of expected, but may liver was effected so I had to stop.

Sinus washes seem to help, would saltair inhalation help at all?

Any ideas on other possible treatments to reduce the steriods?

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Good question as I'm in a very similar boat! They think I have ABPA - allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis but the jury's still out at present. I am currently weaning myself off steroids, down to 3mg/day now. It's been a hellish process!

I also use carbocisteine (a mucolytic), Fostair (betameclasone?) inhaler, and do a daily Ventolin and Hypertonic Saline inhalation, all of which help keep the airways moist and open.

Itraconazole gave me migraines!

The steroids give me all kinds of ghastly side effects, and the withdrawal is just as bad. So if ABPA is confirmed, there's no way I'll go back onto steroids - which unfortunately is the 'treatment of choice'.

I'm also using various natural remedies: citricidal drops as an antifungal, butterbur as an antihistamine, NAC as a chest decongestant, Immupro to enhance and support the immune system generally. Plus loads of other supplements but not specifically related to fungal infection/hypersensitivity.

Later on in the year I may try some desensitisation techniques that my naturopathic doctor offers - EPD I think it's called.

Don't know if any of this helps! Likewise, if you come up with any good suggestions, it'd be great to hear them.


Severe asthma can also be treated with Xolair (cuts down on allergic reaction en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Omali... and blonchial thermoplasty (http://www.asthma.org.uk/knowledge-bank-treatment-and-medicines-bronchial-thermoplasty) both of which are not commonly used but are effective.

There are also other antifungals you could take eg voriconazole which is expensive now but should start to fall in proce over the next few years as its period of exclusivity comes to an end.


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