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I have to go the 14th to get my esophagus stretched food gets stuck going down and after I eat I get sick to my stomach I went from 134 to 104 in a month. I,m back up to 110. My family Dr gave me pills for. Nausea it's the only reason I,'ve gained a little weight back. I,m nervous because they could put a hole in my esophagus then I would have to be tube fed the rest o my life. So I,m. A little afraid. I.would like to be able to enjoy Christmas dinner with out getting sick. susiejo1948


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22 Replies

  • Oh SusieJo, I know this is frightening for you, but I do know many people who have had this done and it makes such a great difference in their ability to swallow. Just keep thinking about all those great Christmas treats and meals...a good motivator!

    Please let us know how you do!

  • Prayers will be with you my friend. Don't let the fear take your wonderful joy. Is it a big risk..a hole.

  • A friend had this procedure done and is very pleased with the results. May you be able to enjoy your Christmas dinner. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Thank you Jean and hope you have a really merry Christmas I,m sure I,'ll talk to you before than. Enjoy hearing from you. Want to talk I,m here susie

  • Thank you Peggy that helps with love susie

  • Susiejo, you are in my prayers and thoughts. What a wonderful Christmas gift to be able to swallow and eat without feeling sick!


  • When I was scheduled to have this done I wrote about it on another site. One of the people who responded to me was a person who’d had it done several times and was very casual about it.

  • Thanks Lauri_Anne I,m trying to be calm about it. But a little afraid I,m trying not to be but I guess every thing will be fine. Susie jo

  • Thanks denzie everyone is making me feel better I,'ll try to be calm. Susie jo

  • hi susiejo, let me know when u do it cause I have the same problem. im learning if you eat by yourself without talking helps. I had lung surgery and chemo and radiation and recently 2 stents put in my heart and yet im so scared to have my throat stretched in fear of something going wrong. let me know if you do it maybe that would take away some fear!! good luck was yours caused from radiation??

  • Susiejo...I can emphasize with you as you have gone through so much. Know we are here for you and pray all goes well. God is watching over you. Sending you positive thoughts. Marymac4441

  • Cmilashosski hi I will let you know I get it done 14th everyone has been so nice trying to make less afraid. If you need to talk I,m here susiejo1948

  • Cmilash

  • Thank you Marymac4441 nice to here from you how are you Doing hang in there and keep fighting Don,t give up. susiejo1948

  • Chiashosski. No radiation just chemo for six months in Oct. I hit my five years in Oct as of now I,m CANCER free.they removed the upper part of my left lung I had stage 3 I call it a miracle. If you need to talk I,m here. susiejo1948

  • Susiejo, just wanted to let you know my husband has had this procedure done twice & both times was successful. It went very smooth and he healed quickly. Positive thoughts and prayers for you on the 14th. 🙏🏻❤️ Jenni

  • Jenni thank you!u every one is trying to make stay calm and I appreciate it. How are you ? susiejo1948

  • Do you have Barrets esoph? My dad had to have his throat stretched several times because of it.

  • Patches1 I Don,t know I,m getting my esophagus stretched food gets stuck I,'ll ask Dr when I go it will next week the 14th. Thanks susiejo1948

  • Susie, first I saw this, :(. You must be a nervous wreck! So sorry your going to go through that. I'd never heard of such a procedure, but then again, there's a lot I don't know. I'll be praying that everything will go well. Keep us posted. Love ya.

  • Think positive! Like everyone is saying, enjoy all the goodies on Christmas!!

  • How are you feeling that had to be rough and probably still is. I really hope it's getting better are you going now that was a rough deal. Hope every things starting to get better I,m catching up to you I just turned 69. We're a good sickly couple of women but we,'ll get over it,though it takes longer at are age. I,'ll pray we Don,t get sick again. Love susie

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