Hi all, well, tomorrow I take another scan. I have to say, I'm very anxious this time. Only because my breathing has gotten worse. I can only walk a short distance before I'm totally out of breath. Also, some pain in chest. I'm trying to remain at least half way calm, but for some reason I have this feeling of doom. That must sound silly, but that's the only way to discribe it. Hate this every 3 months. So, I could use some reassuring prayers, thanks!

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  • I hear you. Just went through the same thing earlier this month. It's very hard to stay calm and on track with that dreaded scan hanging over you. Lots of prayers and good wishes for good news.


  • Yeah, it's nerve racking. Buy no choice but to wait.TY for the good wishes.

  • Sending prayers and positive vibes. Do well.

  • Thank you, Debby's.

  • Sending hope that There's another explanation for the symptoms you're having. And there are other things it could be.

    Since you've experienced progression before I'm sure you must be very anxious. Perhaps if your dr didn't build such high expectations by telling you you're in remission. Maybe they just should say No Evidence of Disease or stable. I don't know enough about carcinoids to know if that's realistic.


  • I know, Denzie, I've been told I'm in remission twice. I think it does give a person false hope. Carcinoid grows very slowly. But it will be 5 years soon, so don't know what to expect. I'll let everyone know when I find out.

  • Please do let us know how the scan turned out!

  • Denzie, I hate that phrase No Evidence of Disease...I'd give anything to hear it but docs won't go that far - it means there is no cancer and no suspicion of it; totally gone. The best I have ever gotten is "Wait and watch" and "cancer free for now."

    One more week of doctor strike and then back on the merry-go-round - counting the days of freedom!

  • My doctor uses NED differently. According to him it means they can't find any active cancer in any tissue, including scar tissue. It doesn't mean cured. By my doc, it means watch and wait. Never cancer free. He says cancer free is cured. I wish they'd agree on meanings!

  • Me. too! I don't think even they agree with themselves! lol

  • Prayers on the way for good scans! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Thank you,jenni

  • Sending prayers!!

  • Thanks for the prayers.

  • Holding you close in my prayers and thoughts. Please know we care - a lot!

  • Thank you too, Peggy.

  • I have prayed for u for good results and like Denzie said, yr symptoms could be due to other less serious things than a progression.

    I am also experiencing anxiety and have a CT later this week. I am currently on oxygen 24/7 but it is due to a really bad reaction I had to my first treatment of Opdivo back in Aug. there is a part of me that wants to go down the road that says the news won't be good, but a bigger part of me says, "no worries, God has got this and isn't through w/me yet!" Now my doctor has suggested another round of radiation, followed by Tarceva. I would like to know if anyone else had a serious (bad) reaction to Opdivo and/or has repeated radiation treatment and for what reasons.

  • Deb, I'll be saying prayers for you also. That's all we can do is hope for a good result. I have been on Sandostatin ,once a month. It has been working well, but maybe not so much anymore..

  • I appreciate your prayers! And also TY for your response. I hope you will keep us updated.

  • Hope and pray your scan turns out okay. Not sure this is what you are looking for, but I have had repeated rads - first full breast rads on each breast for breast cancers, and then targeted rads on the right lung. Please talk to your doc about the rads and whether it will be targeted. The result for me is that I broke my rib twice during falls. Primary told me it is because the bones are more fragile now and have to take calcium with vit D, and vit A to strengthen bones. Rads has changed so much in terms of how they can now target it so precisely.

    Please let us know how things turn out!

  • Anrean, I don't know what you mean by rads?

  • rads is short for radiation

  • Geez,of course,lol. Thank you

  • Sorry, but I'm laughing - it takes time to catch on to short cuts! I'm laughing at myself for all the times I had to ask that question when I started this cancer journey 15 years ago!!

  • Thanks so much for this response and it does help!

  • I hear you. I have both a brain scan and lung/stomach scan this week. I am starting to get worried as my breathing has gotten worse and coughing more. You are in my prayers. I can only share that I have learned worrying won't change outcome. I try to think of other things, keep busy, etc. I wish I could take away the feeling of doom but know it's not stupid, it happens to each of us. Stay prayerful. I will if you will. God bless you!!

  • Thank you Mary, guess prayers are all we have, and a little (lot) of prayers. Hoping you get good results. My coughing has come back too.

  • I pray your scans go well. I had the same symptoms and was told I had radiation pneumonitis. The doctor put me on strong steroids. I pray your news is good.

  • TY Ruthie. I had chemo, now on one shot a month of Sandostatin , no radiation.

  • It’s difficult not worrying when you have a feeling something is just not right. Good that you are having the scan. I join the others in sending prayers and positive vibes.

  • Thank you PegD!

  • I know how you feel. My scan is scheduled for Friday nov 3 so that means I have to wait through the weekend to get results. I have also been short of breath and coughing.

    Will be thinking of you and praying all goes well for you

  • Thank you,Jewilliams, I know I'm not alone in how I feel. I probably won't find out till I see the doc Monday. Good luck is needed for both of us. I will be praying for you.

  • YIKES jewilliams - I'd be nuts! At Roswell I get scanned in the morning and get results that afternoon. They generally schedule the results 1 hour after scan, but over time I've learned that too many times the radiologists can't get to my scan that fast and since I live close enough I have scans at 8 am and results usually around 3 pm so that radiologist is reading it instead of doc. Spreading it across the day also means a friend can come for the results - I never get results alone because when not so good I get too overwhelmed and don't hear all of it. I'd never, ever let them schedule across a weekend...we "negotiate" times that work for me!

    Hope you fill your weekend with lots of things to keep your mind off it.

    Please let us know how scan turns out!!

  • Did you get the results of your scan yet. I am so hopeful for good news❤

  • Yes, I got results on my, however need to hear what the doc says.The way I see it there are multiple subcentimeter pulmonary nodules through out my lungs.I have largest one in upper lobe of right lung. But as I see it they are all stable.So I'll wait to see doctor says on Monday.

  • AHHHHHH. I am so sorry you have to wait until Monday. Torture! I send hugs of sympathy.

  • Thanks Peggy. Do you know what metastatic foci is? I can just look it up I guess.

  • Oh, listen to this one,New soft tissue nodules in the subcutaneous fat overlying the gluteal musculature.

    What the heck??!!!

  • I,'ll be there beside you and so will your Angel. You won,t be alone sending all my love and hugs. Just think and we,'ll be there. A lot of love susie

  • Thinking of you, sending prayers.

  • All that medical jargon can be so confusing. Looking forward to hearing what your doctor has to say. Hope he talks plain English.

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