Back at the end of March I got deathly ill Rick my fellow couldn't,t get a response from me. By the time they got me to the hospital I was.almost gone . My kidneys. And liver were shutting down. I Don,t remember any of that I hard pneumonia,bladder infection,and sepsis when you get sepsis you usually Don,t make it.I was there eleven days I Don,t ever want that to happen again. Apparently sepsis is easier to get than I thought. Well I made it and I,m CANCER FREE. About three weeks ago my blood pressure kept dropping on Me. Rick came home and I put my head on his shoulder and promptly passed out Rick went down with me he dine,t get hurt he tried to keep me from falling didn't,t work,I got a big goose egg on my head I have to keep an eye on my blood pressure Don,t know what's causing it to drop do any of you have a problem. with there blood pressure. I go back to heart Dr he,s having my arterys checked see if that caused it. That's enough about me. Thanks for reading my post it's good to be able to talk about it. Have a good weekend . susiejo1948


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9 Replies

  • Wow, how scary for you. I'm glad you survived the sepsis to come back.

  • Thanks Denzie I,m glad. Too. I Don,t ever want to get it again. Oh by the way good morning. susiejo1948

  • I pray the doctor can resolve your blood pressure problem. I’m so glad to hear you’re cancer free. Enjoy the life God has blessed you with.

  • Thank you Ruthie I hope so too. How are you Doing better I hope thinking of you. susiejo1948

  • I remember when you were so very ill! I'm glad you survived the sepsis, recovery must have taken a while. Best hopes that your doctor figures out how to stabilize your blood pressure.


  • Anita,,thanks its did take awhile. Having some trouble with blood pressure I,m seeing a heart Dr. I Don,t know what he,s going to do I have to get arteries in neck checked,they. May be stopped up. I lost a bunch of weight went from. 134. to 105. Ok I,m gained a little back. Anyway how did your trial go I hope it helped and you get rid of it. Don,,t forget you have an angel beside you she,s there to keep you well.I wished I could go with you and Denise to Washington can,t travel very far,I hope it does some good. susiejo1948

  • Hey, SusieJo , what an experience ! Glad you came out alright. I don't have that pressure problem, thank God. Ok I remember hearing about this months ago, so happy your doing so much better. You take care of yourself! Be praying you don't have any new episodes!

    Love, Donna

  • Donna thank you for the up beat message. How did your shot do I hope it stabilized I,m with you all the way you are a good friend,and I,m happy you are my friend.I,m still so sad about what happened. I was getting sick than didn't, but that's a cop out if ,I wish I could take it back. I feel so guilty. I can promise it will never happen. Again. Oh good morning I hope you have a good day. Love susiejo1948

  • Can anyone tell me what rul is I have seen it a few times something to do with the lung,can anyone tell me. Would appreciate it. Thanks. susiejo1948

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