a kidney stone new technology saved my life

I had a CAT scan in March 2016 after having a kidney stone removed. they seen a spot on my lung and said I should follow up on it. another CAT scan had showed it increased in size. A awesome surgeon named Lanny Dunham in Denver CO used a new procedure with a robot to take out the spot. he removed it all. it was stage 1 cancer. he also removed some lymph nodes and there was no cancer in them. I am a very lucky woman to have had a doctor wanting to use new technology as most doctors would have watched it longer and then it would have moved to another stage of cancer.


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  • Congratulations, thank you for sharing such a happy story! Wow, who would ever think you could be grateful for a kidney stone!

  • Sherart,you are very lucky to have a Dr who was willing to try something new. I,m very happy for you,I,d keep that Dr around sounds like a winner. susiejo1948

  • Hi Ft_ Peggy glad to be back thanks for caring. susiejo1948

  • Welcome to the Free to Breathe Board! I'm so glad for you that this was caught at such an early stage where it's curable. It's still not an easy diagnosis to have to face and you seem to have confronted it with a great attitude.

    Did you have your surgery at University of Colorado Med School then?

  • I fell over and hurt my ribs...an x ray showed a spot on my lung. The original consultant report said wait 3 months but my gp fastvtracked it as my OH had just been diagnosed with bowel cancer....a c.t scan next ..nothing to worry about but w will just do a pet scan as a double check...15 days later I had had my middle right lobe removed. It was a carcinoid. No further treatment just follow up..needed.

    A trip on the pavement and 2 young lads who called an ambulance and a brilliant surgeon and amazing hospital harefield north London...

    I recovered v quickly. Keyhole surgery...

    Sadly OH has progressive liver mets now after 2 major surgeries. I am struggling to cope with that. Mine is s distant memory

  • Super happy for you. Technology is so amazing.

  • Wonderful news! Enjoy your life!

  • Great news always be proactive!

  • Sherart, what a great story! Congratulations on being one of the 15% where the cancer is found early. It sound like you got the best of care.


  • I had a urinary tract infection and was hospitalized during which an X-ray fog the kidneys discovered my initial lung cancer 5 years ago. I had a lobectomy at that time. Since then my lung cancer metastasized to the pleural lining at stage IV and have been on Tarceva for about 18+ months.

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