On Doctor Strike for a Month

I've made the decision (again) that too many doctor appointments can be far too overwhelming, so the month of October is doctor-free except for the pain management doc that I see every 4 weeks or don't get meds. This is a very liberating feeling! For one whole month I don't have to think about anything except having fun with friends and family,

My rib is healing from the 2nd fracture, although it still hurts at times to move and when I cough or laugh. The only medical thing I will do this month is find a second opinion, but even that can wait until November!


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10 Replies

  • I applaud your decision, Lauri-Anne! Enjoy the time, get strong, renew. Hugs.

  • Thanks, Peggy. It wasn't an easy decision in the middle of cancer crap to make, but sometime I get so overwhelmed by all the medical stuff that I have to step back and get away from it. This is not a ringing endorsement for others to do the same, but I've been on this journey for more than 15 years and need a vacation!

  • I can imagine that it is a decision that is very hard to make. All any of us can do is follow our instincts and trust what we have learned from experience. You have the experience thing down solid. I hope you can re-fuel and get a fresh start to begin again. Will pray that you have a healing month with laughter and smiles.

  • Live large every day is a gift

  • Glad to hear that your rib pain is improving. Have a good doctor free month. Enjoy. I'll be interested to hear what your second opinion recommends and the decisions you make.


  • Jean, this site has taught me so much that the discussion with my onc will be far different than it has been. Originally I said absolutely no chemo because I recall the breast cancers and the chemo made me so violently ill I couldn't get out of bed. I'm sort of angry that the onc didn't explain that lung chemo is very different. Also, now that I've fractured my rib twice, maybe surgery is not going to be so bad. A second opinion is clearly warranted - I feel like my onc is not interested in communicating with me. Some of that may be my fault - I haven't broken down and done the hysterics in any of the 5 cancers; my focus has always been okay, lets get this thing out of me and move forward instead. Even with the liver ca and the long explanation of the horrible things that onc was going to do I was fully focused on getting to the end (48 days in hospital recovering from surgery!) I'm wondering if he thinks I have already given up - which I clearly have not done.

  • I, too have learned so much from this community. I think the thing that got my oncologist on the same page with me was asking him what he would do if it was him or a beloved member of his family (preferably not one he would like to throw out a ten story window) facing this issue. He answered honestly that he would be concerned and scared, but not do anything at this time. That's when I knew we were working together. His medical knowledge is outstanding. Now I know he understands where I'm coming from.

  • This may be far more healing than seeing the doctors anyhow. It's good for you heart, body and soul.

  • Denzie, I totally agree! This isn't the first doctor strike, and probably won't be the last. I know that taking a month off from the constant "assault" lets me regroup and takes away the overwhelmingness!!

  • antenna I know the feeling I have 6different Dr,s hope you enjoy your break Don,t think about Dr,s for the whole month. Think of something you would like to do and do it or try. susiejo1948

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