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My name is Diane. I have stage 1 lung cancer and it was caught early due to some chest pain. Thank God. The down side is I was left with pain on my right side along with severe acid reflux. I love to travel and keep busy. I am gluten free and soon to be dairy free to try and resolve my stomach issues.

I am happy for this site since Hershey Cancer Center has no support group.


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  • I also had stage 1B NSCLC which was found by accident as I was doing pre-op for surgery on my mitral valve. I had my upper right lobe removed, then 1 month later had my valve repaired, and then another moth later started 4 rounds of chemo since the cancer was located next to the pleural lining. I was 53 years old at the time, it has now almost been 4 years and am thankful for each day. I am so glad that you found this site, I have found it very helpful over the last few years.

  • Great you are still doing good Steph60. I am also happy for this site. It is so nice hearing happy stories!

  • Diane, welcome! It is great to have you with us. I sure hope your pain and stomach issues get resolved soon. Please keep us updated.

  • Thank you

  • Please be sure to address the pain with yor oncologist, and don't let it go until you get the answers you need. Sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zone and become more aggressive to get the answers we need. It may be very uncomfortable, but this is our journey, and have the right to know eveything! Only then can we make informed decisions.

  • Hi, I have had all kinds of drugs put in me which made it worse so many side effects , a nerve block, tens, tried PMEFs, now doing HBOT. I have been in anything you can think of. Ahhhh! Thanks for caring!

  • Diane, I've done a lot to learn to control the pain, too. Finally hit on dilaudid - it takes away the pain but doesn't take my brain with it. I strongly encourage you to see a pain management specialist who may be able to help. Mine is wonderful - she doesn't like to prescribe, but is willing when we found something that works and leaves me my brain!! When I had a very bad fall she switched out to morphine and I hated it because it took my brain, so we went back to the dilaudid. I know for lots of folks it does take their brain, so my point is finding someone who will work with you. My pain management specialist, as with most, is also an anesthesiologist, which gives them special knowledge about meds.

    I wish you the best in your journey.


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