It's Scanxiety Time

Having the pre-scan labs drawn earlier this week brought home the fact that I'm having the next c t scan on Oct. 3 and the results could mean that things are fine or that further watching and waiting will occur, or that further testing and possibly treatment will be necessary. I see the oncologist on Oct.9, but will In all probability have the results prior to that on mychart. We are following a very small, slow growing nodule that appeared over a year ago. My oncologist is not concerned, but I am, so he ordered the scan.

The uncertainty is so nerve wracking and scary. I try to take my own advice, but it only works up to a point and the anxiety sneaks in. I'm hoping for the best, but planning for the worst. This sounds like a pity party, which it probably is. Will let you know the results after the Oct. 9 doctor's appointment. All support and prayers appreciated.



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19 Replies

  • Sending you love and prayers and positivity and health! I'll be thinking of you and praying for a positive result from the scan.

    Keep us posted- and try to find something to do that you enjoy and that distracts you- your mind is powerful!


  • Thank you. Will do my best.

  • Sending hope for an unremarkable report!

  • Thank you

  • Fingers crossed, prayers said.

  • Thank you

  • Wishing you the very best! Hang in there💓

  • Sometimes by the fingernails. Th a k you.

  • Hi Jean, I understand your fears about waiting for scan results. I'm having one the middle of Oct. and waiting will be awful. I have labs and my shot of Sandostatin . Labs will give an idea what I'm up against. I also get most blood test results on mychart also. Prayers heading your way for best outcome ever.

  • Thank you

  • I understand!!

    ....I've been stable "off treatment, just over one year now). I have one nodule they are monitoring. I have scans every three months....and they never seem to get easier? Happily just had one last week and it was all good....still stable...and at over 2 1/2 years with Stage IV, that feels amazing.

    Best wishes and hope you'll also get great news.

  • What great news. Hope you have continued good scans.

  • Jean, good luck on Oct 9th.

  • This is always an anxiety-provoking time for most of us. Rmember to take in long slow breaths and try to put it out of your mind. Yes, easier said than done...but worrying won't ever solve anything. I solved some of it by having the scan in the morning and results late in the afternoon so the radiologist has time to read the scan and write the report. Fortunately I live very close to Roswell and can do this!

    Praying you get a good report!


  • Praying for positive news. I know it's hard putting your thoughts on other things but do your best not to dwell on it. My very best.


  • Prayers sent your way. It never gets easier. I have brain scan October 25 as not sure if tumor is back or if scar tissue. Then stomach/lung scan October October 26 to see if cancer is back. I just always keep praying, keep busy and live today. Tomorrow has never been promised so I just work hard trying to live today. Will keep positive thoughts for you. Try hard to enjoy today.

  • Thank you for your kind and wise words and thoughts.

  • Hi ,Jean ,I go for my pet scan on Oct .3 also .So I know how you are feeling .So Good Luck & God Bless you .Yes we do need to keep our chins up .Mimi

  • Thank you Mimirussell. Yes we do have to keep our chins up and keep busy. Still nerve wracking, though. Good luck and God bless to you, too.

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