Update on Dizzy

Thank you everyone. I called the oncologist today and spoke with his nurse. He is not in the office today but she will be getting with him tomorrow.

My husband thinks (even though test results say I'm not) I maybe dehydrated. He ran down to the store and is loading me up with Gatorade. I just had a scan of the brain in July. That was clean. I guess I'll see what he has to say tomorrow


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7 Replies

  • Oh, thank you for the update. I am so glad you called your oncologist. Let us know!

  • Those fluids and electrolytes can't hurt. How thoughtful of your husband. Those chemo drugs can cause weird symptoms. Looking forward to hearing what the oncologist says.

  • My oncologist had me drink 64 ounces of fluid each day to help flush the toxins from chemo out of my system. I was fortunate that I only had bad fatigue even with drink all those fluids. Fingers crossed with your oncologist.

  • What did your oncologist suggest? Have been thinking about you and wondering how you are doing.

  • JeanE41 - likewise. Mytwins2, how are you?

  • Dizziness is getting better with the meclizine. At hospital with husband. He is having knee replacement today

  • Good luck! Life just doesn't slow down, does it. Hope it brings him lots of relief once the healing is done:)

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