Stay in prayer

Hi John

Will pray for you decision

I was diagnosed with a cancerous nodule on the upper lobe of left lung. I have COPD so after a breathing tests it was decided if I had a lobectomy, I would be on oxygen 24/7. That would not work for me because I play league tennis four to five days a week

Wednesday 8/9 I had a radiologist put a hook in the nodule and dye in the lobe and a surgeon did a thorascopic excision ( removed a wedge). They removed the drain on 8/10 and I came home on 8/11. I am feeling really good and walking twice a day. Expect yo be back on tennis courts in another 5 weeks. Will need no chemo or radiation. God is good and I know he will direct your decision if you go to him. Blessings to you. Jan


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