Still here

Still here

Hi all-

Just wanted to let you know that I am still here and I check the site every so often to see how you all are doing. I am reading more people with the diagnoses of small cell lung cancer. I think about you all often and I pray for a cure for small cell.

I miss my dad everyday! I planted a tree for him with some of his ashes. ( not to sound morbid or anything) my fiancé and I purchase a home right before everything happened with my Dad, and so we planted a tree for him. I hope he'll grow with us and watch over us. I miss him so very much.

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  • I love the tree. I know it is hard and you miss your dad but it does get easier. You will always miss him but it won't hurt so much .

  • What a wonderful way to remember your dad. Wishing you and your fiancé only the best as you build your lives together.

  • Oh what a beautiful tribute to your father, I am sure he loves it! Nature has a powerful connection with our spirits, I believe, and can heal and comfort us. You are very wise to keep such beauty close to you and your fiance as you move forward in your lives. As a parent, I feel I can safely say your dad will always stay close to you, that love between a parent and a child transcends all things.

    May you and your fiance build a rich and loving life together. Thank you so very much for sharing this moment with us. Please stay part of our community, your voice is a sweet light for us all!

  • What a wonderful way to honor and remember your dad. I wish you the best in your life with your fiance and in your new home.


  • Planting a tree was a beautiful thing to do for your father and for the family! You will think of him every time you see it. Hoping your doing alright. And good luck in your new home!

  • What a wonderful way to pay tribute to your Dad and keep him "alive" forever in your hearts. Best wishes and I do believe he will always be watching over you....

  • This is a beautiful memorial for your father. It doesn't seem at all morbid for you to be able to look at your tree, and know that your dad is part of it.

  • What a fantastic way to memorialize your dad! He will always be a part of you, and someday the pain will lessen and you will have come to terms with everything. Just breathe and know how much he loved you and you loved him !!

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