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Hi all,

Sorry I've not posted for a while I've been really sick. I've been in critical care for past week finally got out today. Interestingly enough my team doesn't think it's the immunotheropy that's causing it but my cancer has lowered my sodium to a dangerous level. It's finally back up to 125 so I got to come home. Anyway I'm still thinking about all of you and hope you are doing well.




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21 Replies

  • So glad to hear from you RW. I hope you are feeling better. You have been in my prayers. I will keep you there.

  • Oh, my! So glad you've recovered enough to come home. Looking forward too reading your input and insights

  • Good to have you back RW. Let's hope the immunotherapy can now do its job.

  • Stay well RW! Keep the faith as you have. Hope you have a great week.

  • I'm sorry to hear you'be been so ill. I am glad that you are now doing better and able to go home.

    I pray you continue to improve and get stronger each day. God bless you.

  • Glad to hear you're on the mend. This journey with lung cancer can sure be a bumpy ride. Praying for continued improvement.


  • So glad that you are home. Hopefully each day you will get more energy and feel more like yourself.

  • RW, glad you are home! My dad ended up in the ICU from low sodium levels, it's a serious situation. Good to hear that your doctor does not think the immunotherapy caused it. Sending best hopes that you feel better.

  • How are you maintaining your sodium levels? I now wonder if that might have been the problem with my husband taking Opdivo last year. I know his potassium levels dropped a few times while in the ICU.

  • They gave me pills and put me on fluid restriction of 1 liter a day , but no water

  • Was that in the hospital? What about at home now? Is your water restricted? Just wondering how/ what others might do to prevent the sodium deprecation so as not to get into trouble. More salt/less water? What would your recommendation be? He is having blood work done Thursday so I will watch sodium level for sure.

    Appreciate all shared information.

  • Well, that is scary! So glad you are home and moving forward, RW. Thanks for updating us, I have been wondering....

  • I think my water restriction is kind of permenant. And they want me to drink a litter of power aid and that's it. Now they givin me pills to and my sodium is doing really good at 132 now which is best it's been in a while!!

  • Really good that you've been able to keep the sodium up. Stick at it and I hope it does make you feel better too.

  • glad to hear you are back home ,and hope you continue to stay well, please can i ask which immunotherapy you are on my husband starts his next friday x

  • Glad to know you're back home! Keep staying strong!!

  • So glad to hear your home. Sending thoughts and prayers of continued healing.

  • Hope you are improving . I had to take salt pills also .

  • I am sorry to hear that you have been that sick. I pray for your speedy recovery. Please keep us updates!

  • So glad you are feeling better.

  • Glad you are home, keep the fight going, we all fight each day. Hope you are feeling better. It's difficult but worth it . Susan

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