Went to doc Friday, he seems to think I am in remission again. Waiting for two test results, but he is confident things are fine. So won't celebrate till I see with my own eyes the results. Been feeling great though, just very unsteady on my feet. Doc.A wanted me to go to a neurosurgeon , but already saw one awhile ago. Gonna cancel this one, all these bills are draining our retirement fund. I seriously don't think I need to go back. My son,however will probably hit the roof. He , understandably, wants me to do everything, but to what cost? I don't think the fact that I "wobble" a little warrants Another visit to specialist. Also don't need therapy! It's just too much, for goodness sake, I'm 71 years old!


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8 Replies

  • How refreshing that your son is more concerned with your quality of life rather than how much money you're going to leave him. Please think safety and use a walker.

  • I am so glad you are doing well. Be careful when you walk after what you have been through - you don't want to fall and break something.

  • Sounds good for you a good report and a son who cares and loves you!

  • I know your illness not only affects you, but everyone that loves you, but, you know how you feel. At the end if the day, it is just that, your decisions. You have to do what is best for you and hopefully it will be respected!

  • Fingers are crossed that your other 2 tests have good news. Just be careful when walking- either use a cane or walker, last thing you want is to fall and get hurt. Embrace the days that you are feeling wonderful!

  • Know how you feel about wanting to see the results with your own eyes before believing it wholly. As for being "wobbly" it might be wise to use a cane to keep yourself steadier. Take care of yourself and prevent a fall that can be devastating. I'm 58 and had to give in to using a cane after taking 2 falls within 20 minutes and doing damage to the nerves in my back. Finding myself far more stable with the cane, even though I hate giving in to it.Better to be safe than sorry. I also go to PT where, to my surprise, they are doing balancing therapy and it is working! I need the cane less than before, although I still do use it.

    Hope all works out for you!

  • God speed🙏🌷🌺

  • What wonderful news! Happy 4th! Sounds like you have a truly loving son, our children are the light in our lives, aren't they? I have to jump on with the others in regards to using something to help you walk safely...nag, nag, nag...I know. Sorry. Have you had physical therapy? Because I think that would really be a plus for you. If you need resources for financial issues, just email me and I can get those out to you!

    Celebrate, laugh, hug that son!

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