More on the next generation sequencing test for lung cancer

The FDA "approved the first next-generation-sequencing-based test..that can tell you how different drugs will work for you, based on the genetic makeup of your tumor. And it only takes four days to get back results. In many ways, it represents the leading edge of precision medicine’s maturation from a buzzword in grant applications and investor pitch decks to a real, workable product that can actually improve patient outcomes."


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4 Replies

  • Hurray!!!! Another tool to help fight this "emperor of all maladies".

  • This article deals with non-small cell lung cancer. What about those of us with small cell lung cancer?

  • Hi Mr_Mark Thank you for your question. Certainly more research is needed to help those facing small cell lung cancer (SCLC). Some ongoing studies with new immunotherapies and combinations are promising. A drug called Rova-T, which targets DLL3, could potentially be approved for treatment of SCLC. But, studies are ongoing and even more work needs to be done. An important mission of Free to Breathe is to raise money for research for all types of lung cancer. For example, one of our grant recipients, Dr. Poirier recently published his work on small cell lung cancer. ( His work provides important insights into why SCLC stops responding to treatment and could lead to new ways to treat SCLC. Please message me or FtB_Peggy if you would like more information about clinical trials in SCLC. Please keep us posted as to how you are doing.

  • An article about the research on resistance is here:

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