Feeling a little nuts

Finished up with chemo on May 8th and radiation on May 17th. Supposed to have scan in 6-7 weeks. My dr says no work until after scan and results. It makes sense. My place of employment for the last 27 years is giving me grief about being out. I guess you could say it's the insurance company giving me a rough time since I'm getting paid 75% of my wage since I've been out since March 4th.

They gave taken away my position and when I do come back to work I have to apply for another job that is open if there is one. If I can't find one within 30 days of my return then I will be terminated.

Even if the dr says I need to be out the insurance company can disagree and not pay me at all. I just want to get my scan and see where I'm at with this cancer. I may have to have resection and more chemo. I just don't know and I can't concentrate on getting better if I have to worry about all of this. Btw I have NSCLC STAGE 3A


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  • Can you go see a lawyer? Your company is being totally unfair and has no heart. Is your work position so critical that it cannot go unfilled for that time? Best of luck to you.......you have to know YOU are the most important person in all this mess.

  • Thank you. I am the most important one. Funny after 27 years I'm finally realizing it.

  • I pray you start to heal and feel better and are able to return to your old job. It's a shame that you are having to worry about this when your medical condition should be your only concern right now.

    May God bless you and carry you through this rough time.

  • Mytwins02,

    It's shocking but true that our employment laws do not offer much protection for people who have to take time off from work due to illness or short term disability. There are really only two protections. The first is the Family and Medical Leave Act, but that only protects an employee for 12 weeks. After that, the employer is not legally required to return an employee to the payroll. The other is precedent. How has the employer treated employees in similar positions in the past? If others have returned to their jobs after leaves longer than 12 weeks, you might have a case, but you would probably need a lawyer to make that case.

    Does your employer have a human resources policy manual? If so, I recommend that you read the sections on sick and disability leave and the FMLA carefully.

    This link is depressing reading, but it clearly states what the legal situation is for people who find themselves unable to work due to illness.


    I wish you well, both with your response to treatment and with working things out with your employer.


  • You may be eligible for Social Security Disability. You can work part-time even if getting SSD. SSA.gov has a list of illnesses that are automatically eligible and there are a lot of cancers on the list.

  • Give your stress to God and He will help you get through this. I'm sorry that your employer is treating you this way, especially after 27 years of service but that is the world we live in today. I too have your exact diagnosis and sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the actions of others and want my suffering to end so I can go to a better place and finally have peace, but I also want to be here for my kids so I just give it to God and He takes the edge off for me. Life (and dealing with cancer) is a constant struggle so I take solace in my faith and that helps me get through. I hope you can do the same.

    Sending prayers your way

  • You're not nuts - you are between a rock and a tight place. But there are some options.

    First thing I would do is go to the local Social Security office immediately -and apply for disability, The sooner you do that, the more you receive since they pay from the day you applied. Not the prettiest of options - we all really want to be viable members of society, but that is what SSD is for.

    Then I would have an "emergency" talk with your doctor about SSD - it is there for any illness that is expected to be 12 months or longer.Tell the doc what is going on with work, and ask him if he thinks you would qualify. If the answer is "yes" then hire a lawyer familiar with social security and take it from there. What your employer is doing is an absolutely cruel shame, but you aren't the first and won't be the last in all of this.

    I pray things work out for you!

  • I am so sorry, you should be able to concentrate on getting better and not all of that other stuff. Take 1 day at a time.

  • My heart goes out to you. I'm in a similar situation but nearing retirement so that may end up being my option. Right now, I'm just putting my hand in God's... I do think you should also take action to find out your social security options. Take care....

  • So sorry to have a serious part of your life be complicated with things if the world, " fear not i have conquered the world" take care of you and getting well, "when God closes one door, another one opens" God bless your journey🙏

  • try to apply for ssd I have nsclc to and I got approved trying to work and deal with a sickness is overwhelming and you should get approved thru a thing called compassionate allowance then you can concentrate on getting healthy the stress is worse for you good luck and hope you get a good scan

  • Thank you. I'm applying online

  • This is too much stress for you. My doctor always tells me to watch my stress. I would look into disability. You will be OK. You put in your time now it is time for you to concentrate on yourself. Hang in there.

  • This website offers help for patients and survivors who are dealing with cancer. They offer workshops and so much more. Sorry I didn't get to you with it sooner but I've been traveling.


  • Thank You

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