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I havent been on in awhile, i was stable for a little bit, i lived in florida for the winter came to new york for summer, couldnt make it home last year, seen a new doctor here in n.y. 1st thing they did was put in port, which i guess is ok, i came down with sore throat and dizzy drs put me in hospital put iv in my port, i stayed in hospital a week all they did was give me meds for nausea and pain, the day they let me out i was as dizzy as i was day one, they said there nothing that can be done, meanwhile im missing my treatments, dr says make appt for office to discuss the next treatment, he says the opdivo is being rejected by my body, but the florida drs said the 1st scan after doing opdivo might mis leading it might say the tumor grew when it didnt, my problem is the drs in florida and in new york r doing things contradicting each other, my dr here in n.y. wants to do radiation, the florida dr said radiation wont help me thats why he didnt do it in the beginning, what to do who to believe my scared and frustrated,ive been upbeat on this for 1 year 1month 16 days im feel like depression wants to set in or something ive cried more this week than i have in a year any suggestions god bless you all


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  • I would get another opinion. It may be that your doctors are not coming from opposite sides, but rather that your treatment has reached the point of needing to be changed. As wonderful as Opdivo can be, the cancer can stop responding to it and begin again to grow. In that case, a new approach is needed. I pray you find the approach to this miserable disease that you need.


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  • I would say the same,third opinion.

  • I chose my dr using healthgrades which gives board certified drs, specialties, schooling, age etc. I am in the process of changing doctors, too. Even patient remarks which is encouraging.

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  • I don't know where you are in NY, but I'm blessed to be near Roswell. Trying to work with Moffit in FL and Roswell up here was confusing, so I chose to stay in NY and let one team handle everything. We expect all the doctors to be on the same page, and it is amazing just how much they aren't. I pray you find a solution that works for you and you get your needs met!

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  • I would try to get another opinion in NY. Stay strong & God Bless!

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  • I go along with the idea if another opinion. I suppose that's why they call them opinions, because that's what they are. Some doctors get offended when you ask for another opinion. If it were them, they would want as much info as they can get. Hang in there!

  • Fighter1, I agree with our friends here - get a second opinion. If you need some information about doing that, please take a look at this page on our website:

    Feel free to email me if you have questions: And, pat yourself on the back for being such a good advocate for yourself! Well done!

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  • Hang in there. I would definitely get a second opinion.

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