NC mom given 6 weeks to live, now cancer-free 2 years later

NC mom given 6 weeks to live, now cancer-free 2 years later

Pam Black has lived a life most doctors would recommend to their patients – she doesn’t smoke, works out a lot and eats healthy. That’s why it was surprising when she was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in October 2014.

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6 Replies

  • I love to see success stories. Congratulations Pam. Wishing you a long and healthy life.

  • Nice to hear, blessed beyond compare! 👏🏼💕😇🌈🙏🌹👍🥂

  • Hi Pam,

    What amazing results, well done to you for being so positive throughout.

    Could I please ask what lung cancer type was you?

    Because my husband has been given less than 6 weeks to live, he is stage 4 lung cancer with spread to brain, bone abdominal wall.

    He tried immunotherapy keytruda after using chemo and radio.

    Nothing has worked...

    He is adenocarcinoma, non small cell lung cancer, PDL1 positive.

  • Anther perfect example of why I find it very upsetting whenever I hear of a new LC patient being given a "time line" before they even begin treatment. I'm so happy my Oncologist never did that to me. I honestly don't think there is any way and doctor can predict just how long we will live based solely on a diagnosis of Stage IV Cancer. Especially now when there are more and more treatment options and new trials available. I can understand a doctor giving a prognosis based on treament response, but even then, there can always be miracles....

    I feel blessed to have be one of those who has had excellent treatment results and I am very happy to currently be NED a little over 2 years since my diagnosis with Stage IV NSCLC, a brain met and pulmonary embolism. I pray I can remain NED for a long time and that some day we will have a cure for Stage IV Lung Cancers and ALL cancers.

    In the past two years I have been through many treaments starting with Cyberknife for the brain tumor, then Chemo, Radiation and most currently Opdivo (Immunotherapy). I am very fortunate to be alive and doing this well. If I had listened to "Statistics" I would not be here now? And I think it would have also discouraged me and I might have given up and not been as positive and determined to fight. My Onc told me for day one that she could not currently "cure" me, but that she could treat me and as long as long as there are treatment options - she will treat me. She never put a time frame on my life and I've never asked for one and never will.

    I'm so happy for Pam and every patient that does so well -- we are truly all different and no one can know for certain how we may or may not respond to treatment -- I find it far better to think positive and hope we can do well and that in time, our cure will be found!!

  • Pam's story is an excellent example of how the landscape of diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer has changed dramatically over the past few years. May many others have access to the kind of life saving technologies that Pam's doctors use.

  • If possible, please check out Cancer Treatment Centers of America. I am going to the Zion, Ill location for scans next week. They are awesome and life changing !!!

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