Short of breath and cold symtoms all the time

Is why my dr ordered the xray, blood test, and CT scan tomorrow orderred. For a mass found on my lung

Can anything be done about easing my breathing while I go through the tests. I take Advair, Incruse, and ventolin as a rescue inhaler, with no help is their something stronger I can ask for.


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  • Ask for an oxygen concentrator. If your insurance doesn't cover the cost you can try getting one from an estate sale.

  • I have found a natural cure for opening my airways! It's called Graviola Tincture! Averaging three cups of tea a day of the brew I was researching and praise the Lord I had a cimfortable day breathing yesterday! Will keep you posted, thank you my LORD and SAVIOR!! P

  • How about using Ativan? It has an anti-anxietal benefit that helped me with the panicky can't-breathe feeling.

  • Thanks will try that, I see my PCP tomorrow for a referral for my new choice of dr. Will keep you posted.

  • my sister suffers from c.o.p.d. and has several inhalers, she as just recoverd from two chest infections,the c.o.p.d. nurses gave her the loan of a nebulizer which she used for a week this greatly improved her breathing,as before using was unable to climb the full flight of stairs without resting half way up,maybe worth asking about one,hope you feel better soon and get a good result from your scans and test's my sister had to have a scan that showed somthing it turned out to be fatty tissue, hope all goes well with you x

  • Bless u

  • Dear Patti 72,

    Good morning. Before my small cell lung cancer was detected I was diagnosed with COPD, emphysema, and had many problems with my breathing. I started seeing a pulmonologist. I have a nebulizer to use a few times a day (this was covered by my Medicare). Several inhalers Ventolin HFA, Symbicort, medication for the nebulizer (albuterol sulfate) I am supposed to use 4 times a day. Also I take benzonatate 200mg 3 times a day and propranolol 20mg 3 times a day. Both are for coughing. I suffered a compression fracture to my 7th thoracic vertebrae as a result of my cough being severe. That was the end of February 2017 and I still have a lot of pain and continue to take pain medications.

    Patti I would not ask for anything stronger until you see a pulmonologist and get evaluated first. You may not even be on the correct medications. I would get a referral to pulmonology from your oncologist or primary care physician. It will make a world of difference in your care.

    God bless and my prayers are with you.


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