Husband needing prayers-please

My husband went for his 4th Opdivo treatment today was not able to do. Now in hospital with infection in both lower lobes. Also heart rate is out of control due to cancer pressing on heart. He will be having a heart procedure in the morning. He sure could use some prayers. He has inoperable lung cancer and after conventional chemo and radiation still with metastasis. Thanks

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  • Prayers for successful treatment for your husband and strength for you.

  • Prayers for strength and a successful procedure for your husband 🙏🏻

  • Lifting both of you in prayer. Keep us posted💕 Janice. Father hear our prayer.


  • Prayers zooming your way.

  • God please wrap your loving arms around Mr. Owens and give him your healing blessings in Jesus's name amen

  • prayers and hugs stay strong hope all goes well with his treatment x

  • Prayers to you and your husband! God I know you can produce miracles thank you for healing Mr. Owens and giving strength to Janice.

  • Sending prayers for your husband and for you.

  • I will be praying for your husband and the entire family. Cancer Is such a awful disease and no one exempt. Keep the faith.


  • Hope and pray for an answer for your husband's cancer treatment and they will find a way to get him some relief. Take care of yourself!

  • Praying for strength, God's wisdom and healing.

  • Oh, janiceowens 1957! Definitely lifting your husband in prayers! Prayers your way.

  • Prayers for courage, strength and healing.

  • Adding my prayers to those given.

  • Added to prayer list. God can do amazing things....please have hope and keep praying.

  • Sending prayers and hugs for you both. God us the great physician👼🙏

  • Janice,

    Oh so much to carry. You are wise to reach out to others for support. I will, of course, add my prayers to the others. May you feel the care and concern of all of us, and may that fill you with the strength you need. The ache of watching someone you love struggle with illness is deep and hard to bear. Lean on us. Hugs.

  • Prayers and a big hug for you -- you'll both be in my thoughts...

  • Hugs and healing to both of you.

  • Prayers for y'all

  • My heart goes out to you.. praying for your strength, hope and courage.

  • Prayers 🙏🏻 For you and your husband🙏🏻

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