Update to the Update Dad NSCLC

Hello again; the procedure for the liver tumor is called radioembolization ; After consulting the "Intervensionist Oncologist"; Dad will have this procedure about 1 week after chemo treatment, so he has time to recover from the chemo's side effects. Apparently this procedure involves at least 2 visits to this specialist; one for the 'mapping' of the tumor, then for the actual injection of the y-90 'beeds' hopefully this works. Anyone else here had this done? Thanks

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5 Replies

  • I have not had that procedure, but wish your dad the best. May the procedure go smoothly and shrink or even kill the tumor.

  • Thanks, for the encouragement. Just visited his main Oncologist yesterday, said they will postpone this procedure, until after this current series of chemo. She said that current chemo seems to be working , as his tumors have shrunken a bit. Does not want to complicate the side effects by having this "radioembolization" at the same time he is going through this round of chemo. Keeping our fingers crossed.

  • No personal experience but this is a procedure I've read up on against the day that I experience progression. It's my understanding that this is more effective at destroying the mets than standard radiation. It's also my understanding that it can't be done for everyone and I'm glad for your dad that he is a good candidate for it.

    This is the treatment I would select for myself.

  • Your father is blessed to have a son that choses to walk with him. Love and peace to the both of you, always.

  • Bill, I am glad to hear your Father's physician is being cautious and individualizing his care. I hope his treatments go smoothly and the tumor continues to shrink and you will have reason to celebrate!

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