Paralyzed vocal cord fix

This morning had vocal fold augmentation . Laryngoplasty injection using prolaryn plus. Should work for almost a year. Sore throat lots of ice chips and hydrocodone seems to be helping. Worst part can't talk for 2-3 days. But doctor was very hopeful. I thought he was very optimistic. He felt doing this as an out patient in his office would be harder besides his office only does these twice a month. More controlled in the hopital. Everyone in the process was so comforting.


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5 Replies

  • Pandora, ouch. Here are prayers for healing and comfort. I am so glad to hear you have been treated with compassion - soak it up and rest, rest, rest!

  • Hi,

    I hope you don't mind me messaging you. I've had no voice for almost 3 years and about weeks ago i was diagnosed with 'glottic insufficiency' (my vocal cords don't touch) and i've been told i need microlaryngoscopy and vocal fold augmentation.

    I haven't got a date for the procedure yet but can you tell me what it was like please? I've been told they will harvest fat from somewhere else into my body and inject it into my vocal cords.

  • Hi. They dont get fat from you its like botox. It can be absorbed by your body could take 3-4 years. My first treatment in may didn't take i had a re treatment this friday. 3 days ago the doctor added on both sides of the vocal cord and i get to try and talk tonight. I hope this works very miminal pain oor none. My chemo gives me soar throat. So attribute my throat soar to that not the larynscopy. Give it a try. Let us know. Good luck.

  • thank you for replying, I've been told they will put my own fat in, at least in the first instance. Yes i've been told it can be reabsorbed so may need redoing. I'm sorry your first one didn't take, I hope it's better for you this time round.

    My local ENT is convinced mine is caused by long term steroid inhaler use, i'm not LOL

    I'm a music teacher and been told I'll need a week off work. I don't think i'm actually on a list for the procedure yet. I've had to go to a different hospital where there is a specialist voice clinic, I emailed a list of question to the voice lady but she said she can't answer a lot of them so i'll have to see their ENT department to go through my concerns

  • Do some research... I used my voice tonight doesn't hurt. Doctor said to give it a week and see how it progresses.

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