5cm mass in lower left lung

5cm mass in lower left lung

I am a 72 year old women living in Hawaii, love my Savior, and am grateful FG or each blessing received in my life so I am ready to accept my choices in this trail before me, I am here to seek first hand choices that others have have made. I know that each trial has a blessing. CT scan staged in 4 days, am terrified, but trust that this will help me grow closer to my Lord, thank you Jesus❤️


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  • Welcome Patti. What a beautiful picture. This community is here to share, support and learn from each other. We all learn from each other's experiences. This journey we are all on with lung cancer is a scary one, so you are not alone in that. I was 73 years old when diagnosed in 2015. My lung cancer was found by accident; a very lucky accident. I hope you have friends and family that can accompany you to all the appointments you will be having, most especially the ones with the various doctors. Those extra ears are very helpful because we, as the patient, are scared and only hear a small portion of the information given. Take it one step at a time and be sure you understand what you are told before leaving the doctor's office.

    Take care and do keep us updated on your journey. Someone here will have been through whatever your journey will be. May God be with you.


  • Hi JeanE41

    Thank you for your comforting words, I am so glad to be apart of a community that knows what I'm going through, I was going myself to my diagnosis but because of your input I will ask my daughter to come with me, you are so on point, I probably won't hear a thing, but the word cancer.

    God bless u 2, Thx for your comments, my calling is to dance for Jesus at hospitals, churches, and care homes which I thoroughly enjoy. I belong to a hula praise and worship ministry, who are fishers of those who seek His love through our dance.

    Feeling Blessed,


  • What a beautiful way to praise God. I used to sing in a church choir, but no longer have the breath control or voice quality required, so I indulge my other talent and knit with a church group. We make everything from prayer shawls to baby hats and sweaters, hats and mittens for school children, lap robes and items to sell for fund raising for various causes. Some of our items are used in the church, some go to neighborhood schools and nursing homes and some go to various missions. I live in Wisconsin, hence the hats and mittens. It is also an opportunity to get together. The conversation is varied and often lively. It helps to be involved in something not having to do with cancer.

    You will be in my thoughts and prayers as your journey continues. Do let us know how it goes.


  • Glad you enjoy your sisters, too, and a great way to be in His service, fellowshipping towards a common goal, finding how we can serve Him is our reason He put us here,😉Together we are His church😇

  • 6.5 years with stage 4 here. My primary mass was 9x11x12cm. I had mets to other lung and pleura. My dr said it was stage 4 behaving like a 3b so he would be aggressive as possible. After concurrent chemo and radiation my cancer has been inactive ever since.

    This is no longer an automatic death sentence. At a recent lung cancer educational seminar the doctor who addressed mentioned that ten years ago there was no such thing as a survivorship plan but today it's something he addresses with all his patients.

  • Hello Denzie, nice to meet you. Your testimony is so encouraging! My doctor was so negative and offered no words of encouragement. "Your mass is 2 inches,yes, it could be an infection but I doubt it". Stood up an scheduled a CT with his nurse, interrupted my blood test, which I later learn that it was to see if my kidney could takebthe dye, and order 3 days if sputum speciments without looking at me. I came to him a few months ago complaining about this hacking cough, using my rescue inhaler 3 times a week, but my lungs were clear, so he said it's probably the vog since I live near the volcano, and come back in a few months if it doesn't clear. No complaints every trial is meant to make me stronger, am blessed with your support. Thank you, Jesus😇

    Mahalo, (Thank you in Hawaiian)


  • Patti, was this your Pulmonologist? As contrary as this is to everything we were taught do state and insist that he look at you when talking to you. Practice saying it a few times before you see him so it is easier to get out. "Dr please look at me when you are talked my to me"..

    Between 1968 when Nixon declared the war on cancer and 2015 there were maybe three new treatments introduced for lung cancer. In the past 2 years there have been 8 new treatments for lung cancer.

  • There's another pulmonologist on the island with excellent Heathgrade reviews, praise His holy name, will ask for second opinion when CT results come in. Thanks Denzie!


  • Btw, I am practicing "Dr please look at me when you talk to me". Right on spot with this one😜

  • Welcome Patti, that is a lovely picture you posted! How great it must be to be living in such a beautiful place. It's on my "bucket list" of places and things to do. You'll be glad you came upon this group, we all have our trials in life and are happy to share and comfort anyone seeking people who can relate to. what they are going through. We"re here for you, feel free to reach out , this is a great group of people and we will help in any way we can.

  • So blessed to be in Hawaii and may the grace of God grant your wish to visit here soon. I am having issues if at my age is treatment a wise thing to consider.

  • Hi Treatment at any age is a wise thing to consider. Age is just a number, and if you have a life full of vitality and joy, having a very honest discussion with your team about the treatments, what you will have to endure, and what the outcome will be is very important. Talk to God, He will help guide you. I've been on this cancer journey - this is my 5th cancer - for over 15 years and have set some important boundaries for my journey. Your boundaries will be different but they are yours and very important.

    Don't let your doctor or team turn you into an age, Quality of life is important, and if your quality is good, for you age should have nothing to do with it,

    God bless you

  • Keep your faith in the great physician, Jesus Christ. He will carry you through this journey.

  • Amen

  • Welcome Patti. Very important that you get a second opinion and find the right doc for you. You will be putting your trust in his knowledge and relying on your faith. We are here to share and support each other. Glad you found us!

  • So good to come here and always find encouragement.

  • My trials have brought me closer to my Lord too. Thanks for sharing. It is certainly a hilly road to travel but we can make it with God's help.

  • Amen, my brother, God bless your journey🙏🙏 Thank you for the confirmation😇

  • Welcome Patti72! Glad to have you here. I will lift you up in prayers right now. Please keep up updated.

  • Thanks Janice

  • Patti,

    From your picture you appear to be healthier than I was when diagnosed 6 years ago with an 8cm x 5cm non small cell tumor. I have been cancer free for over two years. You absolutely should consider treatment. Good doctors and great faith will get you through this! God Bless You!

  • Bless you. Matthew 19:26 May God bless and keep you my brother in Christ.


  • Patti,

    Beautiful picture!

    Be patient right now - you have to go through tests to find out exactly what this mass is. If it is cancer, a biopsy and more tests are needed to further define it. The treatment paths for different lung cancers are very different from each other.

    What to look out for from your doctor if it is cancer:

    Is it small cell or non-small cell?

    If non-small cell (NSCLC), you need to find out if it is squamous or adenocarcinoma.

    If it is adenocarcinoma, you need to have the cancer go through additional tests looking for genetic mutations in the cancer.

    These are the most basic things you need to know before you can decide on a treatment path. Please keep in touch with us and share what you learn! We will share what we know as you fill in these details, and help you understand better what your doctor tells you.

    I will be thinking of you this week.


  • Thanks so much for taking the time to summarize, it's a long road! Such a comforting community, blessed to be here.

  • What stage are you?

  • Xray reading 5cm mass in left lung, CT on Weds so far, am stage terrified, the support of this community has taken a lot of that away.😇🌈


  • Will keep you in thoughts and prayers.

  • And with you also🙏

  • So pretty and I am glad you have joined our group. We all learn from each other and we all pray for each other. So much good here. Glad to see your beautiful picture. I will look forward to helping in any way I can. Blessings. 🙏🏻

  • Hi Patty, what a beautiful spirit you have, (and picture too, if that's you). Part of our health and well being is keeping a positive attitude, staying uplifted, and faith in our savior. Looks like you are going into this with the right attitude. Just get a good doctor you can confide in and we all will be pulling for you in here.


  • Patti72,

    Hello Patti. I hope this finds you in good spirits and faith in the Lord. Is the picture posted one of you? If it is...WOW you are so pretty for a woman who is 72 years old. Awesome!!

    What kind of lung cancer do yo have? I have small cell lung cancer and I am being treated for the third time. Two rounds of chemo and one of radiation to my brain. I am now on immunotherapy called Keytruda. So far the lung nodule is shrinking after treatment with Keytruda. My wonderful oncologist is a great support for me along with the nurses and even the receptionists. My two grown sons are and have been a tremendous help during these trying times.

    Welcome to our group. You will find much information here. God bless!!

    Kathie Solus

  • Hi Kathie you just made an old lady's day, yes it is me, pretty common here, free and easy life style where I live, now Honolulu is a cement jungle, sad to say. As for my journey copd with mass found on my lung, still walking with the Lord waiting on what he has planned for me next, I trust whatever it is I will be able to find the silver lining on the horizon just for me. God bless your journey as well.


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