End of trial

Hi all,

I finished radiation yesterday, I'm so glad it's over. Not that I've had any major side effects, they all have been fairly mild right up to the end. I just get tired of going to the hospital every day as I'm sure a lot of you do, it just gets to be really nerve wrecking with traffic and all. But anyway now I'm off the hook till June 29 th when I have scans again. Hopefully keep getting good news so I will have a break from treatment( a very long break!!)🤞🤞.


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7 Replies

  • Congratulations on getting through this and thank you for doing it. Sending best hopes for excellent report in June!

  • Great news that side effects were minimal for you. You deserve a break now RW, I do hope that you can enjoy a few weeks off from the gruelling trips to the hospital and we will all be rooting for you to have more good news when the scans are done at the end of June.

  • Best of luck on your upcoming scan and congrats for finishing radiation treatments strong!

  • Congratulations! 👏 May your life rapidly return to something closer to "normal" and stay that way.

  • I hear ya! It gets pretty old very quickly! I only go once a month, thank goodness. I have to see a new oncologist on the 31st of the month, so a little nervous, hoping I like him, I loved the one I had, but he has medical issues and is going in to administration work. It's super that things are going well for you! Praying you'll continue !

  • Praying for you! Stay 💪! You got this.

  • Rw,

    I am so glad you are done. Thank you for doing this trial. Here is hoping June brings wonderful news. Rest and heal, you deserve a quiet and sweet break. It was so great to hear from you. Thank you!

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