Cancer sucks!

This is my first post.. I have been reading post for the last few weeks.. not knowing where to begin... funny how dates stick in your head.

August 10,2015 1:40pm 51 years old went for a chest X-ray for a cough thinking it was allergies. I had 3 colds since January. Doctors office calls and wants to do a CT scan there was something in the X-ray. What your world turns upside down. Next day Ct scan reveals 2 tumors in my left lung. 3 days later they do a PET scan then tell me I have bone cancer 3-4 masses in my spine both hips liver looks like it has spot and adrenal. I then find an oncologist.... he then says we need to do a MRI of the brain WHAT! yes I hit the trifeca... there is a tumor 4.3cm in my brain operable so, September 10,2015 surgery takes place. I now have a neurologist then shortly after we start chemotherapy first they do a biopsy of the tumors in my lungs for genetic testing. 11 different mutations and only 2of them they have seen before... oh I also have a radiologist now also. So we started with carboplatin and alimta oh made me so very sick..... 6 weeks ago these were not working as well anymore scared to death with every MRI and CT scan more scared of the brain scans.... over the year I had 5 more brain tumors develop and they were treated with SRS radiation. So now started Opdivo I have had 3 treatments they are doing a study to give the hour treatment in 30 minutes. I seem to be able to tolerate so far. Have had to deal with life's new norms. Well as of last week I now have an ENT (ears,nose,throat) doctor..... I felt like I had laryngitis not! Found out I now have a parylized left vocal cord. One of the side effects of radiation to the lungs and brain. I can't not speak higher than a whisper voice gone..... it just get better and better.... I try to stay positive but sometimes I just have to cry I know we will never know why..... I have stopped asking that question. Never smoked, no drugs. Ate well my DNA cells just decided to stop working and mutate. Sorry this is lengthy have never put all this in writing to anyone. I was told from my oncologist that I was in bad shape asked about an end date and he said no one can give you an end date you must stay positive. He thought then how severe I was in the beginning that it might be six months. Well year and half later still here with new norms...... thank-you for letting me put into words what has been happening it's like a nightmare. I don't like how it ends. I was told that all they are doing is keeping me stable... I will never be cancer free........


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5 Replies

  • Pandora8205 Thank you for sharing your story. You have been through so much and I hope that the treatment you are getting will make a difference. So glad that you are here.

  • I'm so glad you found this community. It is the perfect place to express those thoughts and feelings that someone who has not been through the cancer wringer cannot understand. There are likely people here who have had similar experiences. Cancer turns everyone's life upside down. You are stronger than you realize. I hope you feel comfortable continuing to post here. We support and learn from each other. Take care.


  • Pandora8205, I am so sorry. What hard things you have been through and are facing. Thank you for joining this community. The folks here are kind and have lived through much.

    Welcome, I hope you feel comfortable with us, and free to sincerely express what is touching your heart. You are not alone -- everyone here seriously cares. Hugs.

  • Pandora, you deserve a bit of relief and I send hope and prayers for an exceptional response to this trial. Please update us from time to time.

  • What you have gone through! You poor thing! Once you are diagnosed with Cancer it's never good ianyway. If the disease doesn't kill you the treatments will. I have small cell cancer, which is rare. My life has not been the same since my diagnosis 6 months ago. On top of the cancer I have an auto immune disease to deal with. I'm only 67 years old. I hope I have the strength to fight both.

    Keep up the fight cause that's about all we can do! I wish you the best.

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