Visiting with dad.. he says thanks!

I came down to MA for the weekend to visit with my dad. Tonight I showed him this forum, and read to him all your kind words and prayers . He was blown away with the support. I think it helps to see others going through what he's going through. We are all praying for Good scans on Monday.

He says thank you all, and sends prayers your way. 🙏🏻


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9 Replies

  • I am so happy that your Father knows we are with him. We all need the companionship of others, that is why this community is so wonderful - thank you for sharing that with us. Sending positive thoughts and energy his way.

  • Best wishes to your dad, I know that he will have down times but he sounds like a tough but caring cookie, hope the good moments outweigh the negative things this disease throws at us.

    I was spent some time in Plymouth MA, are you far from there. I loved the lace and people.

    Keep positive,

    Ed in the UK.

  • Hi Ed! Thanks for the kind words ! Yes! We are the next town over from Plymouth, which is carver! Known for the cranberry bogs! Small world.

    This Cancer is no easy feat, but faith and support helps!

  • Hoping for good scan results. We are with you.

  • It certainly is no easy feat, and as you know so easy to get low, I am glad you are there for your dad. I was reading his posts on radiation therapy and think it will be helpful for me. He looks so young and healthy in the photograph. I will be 52 at the end of this year and cancer was not part of my plan. What age was your dad at diagnosis, I wondered if age and fitness plays a part in treatment and recovery.

    The cranberry bogs does bring back some memories. As you say small world. We have a Plymouth here in the UK too. I hope you are having a wonderful time with your dad. God bless you all.


  • Hi Ed-

    He has his ups and downs for sure. It's really hard to see him going through all this. He's my best friend. Cancer plain sucks.

    My dad is 68 years old and was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer June, 2016. We are spending some great time together this weekend.

  • I still can't believe how well he looks post radiation. But I do know how unwell he will feel at times under that exterior. I hope that you continue to have a great time and I hope and prey that the scan results tomorrow are the best part of a wonderful weekend for you all.

  • Hey back to dad! Fingers crossed

  • Best hopes for a great outcome!

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