Share your story about "scanxiety"

If you have been living with lung cancer, you most likely have faced “scanxiety.”

To say that waiting to have a scan done and then waiting for the results is “stressful” feels like a huge understatement. A scan result can mean that your cancer is smaller or has disappeared. Or a scan can mean that your cancer has worsened or returned. The period of not knowing followed by hearing the results can set up a cycle of very powerful emotions. For some of you, it might help to share your story and connect with others who are facing a similar situation. Sharing your story can help reassure others that they aren't alone.

Free to Breathe is working with a partner (Pfizer) on a project to share stories of scanxiety faced by patients with lung cancer. The goal is to talk candidly about scanxiety and share different coping strategies.

The website is here: Please let us know if you are interested in helping us with this project.


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