Attend a Free to Breathe Event!

Attend a Free to Breathe Event!

Free to Breathe wants to invite everyone from our HealthUnlocked community to our Free to Breathe event series.

Our events are a great way to meet other patients, survivors, caretakers, researchers, and advocates. We hold Run/Walk events, Yoga challenges, and a number of DIY community events all over the nation, each with the goal of raising money for vital lung cancer research.

To learn more, or find an event near you, visit

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  • Yay!!

    I am a co-chair for the Free To Breathe 2-mile walk at the Jersey Shore! We will be walking in Asbury Park this year Saturday, October 21!

    Please join us if you are in New Jersey!!!

  • Thanks Jessi08 !

    What is your favorite aspect of a Free to Breathe event?

  • Last year was my first year bringing the event to the Jersey Shore...I have to say, despite the torrential downpours haha we had amazing energy from all the attendees!!! We raised over $17,000

  • That's awesome! Thanks for sharing =)

  • I am trying to sign up for the ASk Anything event 5/4 and keep going around in circles on the website. Will you please give me the URL for this event? Thanks!

  • Hi katherineNED:

    There is no need to sign up for the event. Just jump on HealthUnlocked at 4:30 PM Eastern Time and look for the Ask Me Anything Post with the words "NOW LIVE" in the title. Then start asking your questions in that post!

    That post will be created the day of the event.

  • Travis do you ever have an attendance in indiana,indianapolis. I would like very much to help,but since I don't travel. I would like to help so what do you suggest,that would be. That is something I can do and help out and know I gave it all I have. I would appreciate any little thing I can do. This freetobreathe/healthunlocked is the greatest community. I've been on here a year in may. I enjoy helping everyone on here,it means alot to me. Oh by the way if i'm community super hero than where is my cape. ha ha ha ha. SusieJo_1948

  • I don't personally attend the Indianapolis event, but you definitely can volunteer if you are able to make it out there. If not, just sharing the event with people you know there is a HUGE help to Free to Breathe.

    And of course, we can get you a cape. Let me see if we have the latest desgined version in yet. Could you send me a private message with your address please?

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