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My friend was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer in December 2016 and started Iressa in January 2017. She was put on Iressa after biopsy showed a gene mutation.

At the 60 day mark we went in for update scan which showed main tumor in lung decreased in size by almost half.

We were taking 250mg once a day but had to decrease to one every OTHER day due to tremendous diarrhea and dehydrating which put us in hospital for five days to get stabilized.

Our liver enzymes skyrocketed to 535 then after discontinuing Iressa for 14 days fell to 300.

Now on decreased dose of Iressa at 250 mg every Other day.

Diarrhea is under control but now getting rash. Feeling very tired and have loss of appetite.

Tomorrow we go to get blood test ( every two weeks) to check on liver function and other.

We are hoping the tumors will continue to shrink on this lower dose.

Anyone have this same experience?

What is the average successful dose of Iressa most of gene mutation stage IV lung cancer patients are now on?

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  • Since December 2016. Started taking Iressa in January 2017. Had 60 check up scan showing tumor reduced in size.

  • Congrats! News worth celebrating. Hopefully more iressa patients will be checking in.

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