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In Feb 2016 I was diagnosed with stage 3b nsclc with right lower and middle lobectomy, chemo and radiation. I saw my oncologist in December with no evidence of disease. I am scheduled to see her in June. For the last couple of months I have had onset of low back pain with no injury. Two days ago I started having pain just under my diaphragm on right side. Prior to this cancer which was an accidental finding I would just wait and see then most likely contact my family doctor if it worsened. Given the cancer my question for you all is would you call the oncologist or family doctor? Or would you wait and see? I appreciate your thoughts.


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  • SAdams, if it was me, I would call my oncologist now and not wait. You deserve to know what is going on, and if it is "nothing", great. In my experience as a nurse, I was always delighted when my patients called about anything new going on with them; I was glad they were proactive about their health.

  • Thank you

  • SAdams, My husband also had a left upper Lobectomy in May 2015. He was diagnosed NED for a little over a year. In July 2016 he started a cough & slowly got worse. Went to our family doctor and they said it was a sinus infection, treated him with antibiotics. Two weeks later cough did not go away, more anabiotics for two more weeks. Decided to find a new family doc, she ordered a scan and found a tumor on the outside lining of his left lung, obviously went to oncolagyst the next day.......33 days in a row of radiation on top of eight chemo treatments. Had Scan done two weeks ago (on my birthday) and tumor has shrunk & NED!!!! Best Birthday gift I have ever got!!! Thank you Jesus!!!! 🙌🏻 ! Anyway, answer to your question, DEFINITELY go to your oncologist. Good luck with results and God bless. 🙏🏻

  • Call and make the oncology appointment

    My pain right side under diaphragm turned into cancer of a rib. Am in treatment. Radiation done

    My oncologist always said come in if something different. Somehow I knew.

  • Follow up immediately

  • Call the oncologist. Don't hesitate. As soon as the office opens. Any trouble sleeping tonight contact the on call oncologist now! They prefer you do. My experience was that they'd rather you call at 3am if there's an issue than to let it go.

  • Never wait and see. If for no other reason tha. Peace of mind, I'd have to know.

  • Don't delay. Best to know what's going on either way but especially if you need treatment or intervention. Best wishes

  • I would not wait six months, I would insisilt on CT scan, I had stage 1b and get scans every three months for two years.......don't wait

  • Did you have chemo or radiation. I am also 1B. Had upper left lung removed but chemo was not advised. Just follow up X-rays and scans.

  • Hi I would call the oncologist and be adamant abiut an appointment soon. You are describing symptoms that are familiar to me, and directly related to the cancer. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by staying on top of things!

  • I am having my scan tomorrow. Praying all goes well. I really appreciate this group.

  • Best of luck, we'll be with you in spirit. Hope all goes well.

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